Meeting in the Middle
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It's funny -

I would have thought that there was an implicit difference between ideals, ethos, the things we reach and hope for, and what we actually expect out of life.
I notice that there's often a derisive snort when I simplify my own leanings - as though my views are considered quaint, idealistic and entirely delusional.

For me, reaching for something means you have to set an impossible goal.
You know it will never be reached, and you know that there are many shades of grey, but still - it's about the best of you, the best of humanity, that utopian ideal that itself is a flawed model.

A gun-free America will never happen, and I'm perfectly well aware there are circumstances in which I would be advised to own one - though I hope those circumstances never arise!
(In my 46 years on Earth they haven't so far.)

Regardless, I think it's a good ideal, to dream of a country - or world - in which guns are for hunting for food only, and people don't feel they are necessary for personal protection.

I know that the mind doesn't always follow the heart.
That money drives the world more profoundly than charity and ideology.
I know this.
But I think that the balance is needed to keep us on track, if we are to have a future at all.

I have friends with profoundly differing views to my own, but somewhere in the middle we connect.

I do not scoff at more conservative views than my own, because I understand them.
I get how people arrive there.
But I do believe we should not cast ourselves in stone, and we should always remain open-minded.

Just my views - you are not obliged to share them! :-)
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Nice text and beautiful views, good stuff, Liam :)
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LAN0RA Digital Artist
I'd be happier if we did away with guns... I've always agreed with the old phrase "live by the sword, die by the sword."  
As for hunting food, how about bows and arrows instead of guns?
A good enough archer should be able to take down a deer/other animal with an arrow as easily as with a gun. 
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Bey-FennHobbyist Digital Artist

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people”. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

– John Adams

I think John Adams understood the flaw in our constitution better than most. It is utterly dependent on a people who will, themselves, uphold a moral  ideal. A people who can look themselves in the mirror and see their own shortcomings and not shy away from curtailing them. That kind of person will understand the constitution and why it is set up the way it is. For anyone else, it is simply a tool to be used, abused, or ignored for personal gain. Americans, for the most part, have always been a people who held up the mirror and said "this is my flaw and this is what I will change" unafraid of the difficulty, often excited by the challenge of it. A people who defy the impossible. But slowly, an element has crept into the american psyche that has left us looking in the mirror and saying " I'm all right, it's all the rest of you who are F'ed I am gonna change YOU. Even if I have to break the constitution to do it."...

Just my 2 cents...

maybe a nickle.

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"Divide and Conquer" has been the controller's working strategy for millennia.  Get people arguing amongst themselves as you work out the control plans.  The media, bought out and mostly controlled directly by them, plays to this.

In essence the media turns any issue into a "left/right" extremist option.  In the case of Guns you are either a "Right Winger" who wants total gun freedom, even if Social Security is to be taken down (and given to the Koch brothers) its worth the taxes for every BABY to have a handgun put in his crying hands - to have vending machines dispense guns and ammo (on your honor you aren't a criminal --- likewise the "Liberal Hippie Left" is no guns period, relying on law enforcement to help 100% of the time, etc.   And anyone between is hated by either extreme presented as norm.

This insanity works so well because - well it's like an old R. Crumb joke.  He talked about reading about the Buddha's "Middle Way" "But the problem is that extreme behavior comes more naturally to people"

So while people argue over guns, immigration, abortion, soda pop....they loot the free western world blind and make it un-free.
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BringerOfStormsHobbyist General Artist
Well stated indeed.  

At the dawn of man we reached for sticks and sharpened them against that which dwelt in the dark.  Here's to a world with nothing lurking and no sharp sticks.


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Bey-FennHobbyist Digital Artist
It's not what lurks in the dark that needs to be feared, but what lurks in the heart....(that almost sounded poetic)
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Well stated.
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