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This post is an important one. Please give it a minute.

I'm shortly going to stop banging on about Cap Stone. There are two more issues to come out, and only one more digital episode, but my work is done on book 1. The future of the title is now in the lap of the gods, and there may well never be any more, much as I would love to do more. It has to prove itself.

Madefire, as a company, has been an amazing success. It continues to be the case. You may not know it but we are no.1 in the books section on the iOS App Store, and we have been since July last year - ahead of Marvel and DC in the category. The app continues to ingest incredible unique independent voices, and almost all the major publishers have their catalogs on there. We're on iOS, Android, Windows, Google TV and the web via deviantART. We're going strong!

Cap Stone has had SOME love. The digital version was voted best digital comic of the year a while back, even if the print reviews have been poor. The warmth I've enjoyed for the art I've shared this year has been heartening beyond words. I'm very proud of it! But it cannot sustain itself without an audience.

Nobody - me included - likes being sold to. But when something is free then it's not really selling! You can read all the Cap issues free on deviantART, right in your browser. (Or you can pay $0.99 an episode on the app, or go and buy the comic from your local comic store.)

If you have an innate prejudice against digital with motion and sound, I urge you - give this a go. It's not what you imagine it to be! It's another medium - a NEW medium. It's pretty amazing, very fluid, and immersive. It's not the same as motion comics - and why treat the digital space the same as you would a piece of paper?

Please go read the latest episode by clicking the thumb directly below this. You won't regret it.

I'd like Cap to be one of the books that survives, that has staying power. I believe in it.

Give it a chance. It has mighty chops! And then - please - spread the word. Help more people find Captain Stone!

Cheers all,


Captain Stone Is Missing... - Episode 9: Katrinka by MadefireStudios

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FusciartProfessional General Artist
I love this series. All the episodes have the WOW factor IMO. It just needs time to grow. It's a better experience on the iPad than on DA and I would rather shell over a couple of dollars and experience on the iPad. It's a great achievement to produce a quality motion book that Cap Stone is and I commend you for it sir. 
SOULSSHINEProfessional Digital Artist

Sincerely Liam...

If i was in your place
I Would put these issues all selling on a or style of sell...

Hell... if i was in your place... as madefire cco i would push my programers to make kinda and user projects pages driven by donations inside the Madefire App...

Then i would put Cap Stone to Prove as Flag of that new Pay by donations with rewards new kinda like system inside madefire...

Then if people were really interested in the title continuation... they would donate... Some more some less..and your hours of work would be payed ...

Otherwise ... or also, i would start a megacanpain intransforming God Killers Book in the next Madefire hit title...  also driven by that donations canpain with rewards alike system inside Madefire...

Hell... thinking that jupiter rising, is already made and rysing the Space Opera generously... and facing the fact that God Killers is a hell lot better plot and quality history than jupiter rising will ever be ... that GodKillersMotion book... is already quite dellayed...
It should have been started half year ago... to be now released with all magnitude...
Not still under a "Stone" like it is...

But thats just me thinking...
And im on the outside, and very far from this business... unfortunately, still but im getting closer...

Well you know how they say...
People far away see things more globaly...

Wile you just messing in what you see, and you been losing yourself .... details, detail, details... but not a better more Armonious big picture ... you see...

But hey ... Good Luck My Friend


SOULSSHINE-ONLINE Universe Production Team Admin

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CirpriusHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm not going to lie, I kept this in my journal note thing just so I could remember to read Captain Stone when I got the chance. I have to say, I really like the art style and how well the panels work in the Motion Book Tool
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
Thank you for taking the time to do that, and then seeing it through. :-)
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CirpriusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh yes certainly! I like the characters, I really wasn't expecting them to be the way they were, and...I really want to figure out what happened lol. The build up of the mystery and the character of Captain Stone was very interesting.  And the art style is particularly interesting as well. I like how some of the panels have this acrylic paint background, and how the style seems to change so drastically to fit the story.  
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jonathanbakerartProfessional General Artist
Your work-- Captain Stone, Madefire, etc etc-- has been deeply inspiring. You're willing to share the insights of your art making process, bloody guts and everything. Your transparency, the thoughts and feelings you go through, merging your art and your penmanship and huge amount of heart, it's a (dare say) holy process of the transformative power of Art. Something from nothing, a genesis. And sometimes that creation takes a birthing process that feels like being dashed against the rocks. But it creates the greater culture at large! It creates the future of our collective lives and that's a necessary and huge responsibility.
I'm really glad there's creators like you leading the future of art and culture. Besides all that highbrow hibbety jibbety, the art is badass. Keep strutting hard and humble like you do!
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
Very touched by this message. Thank you. Really. It makes the struggle worth it! :-)

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It's a great read and I'll buy the trade when it comes out, good luck Liam :)
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
Thank you! I'm working on the collected edition right now! :-)
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ViBlueProfessional Artist
I saw it first hand when you shared it on facebook and I love it! How it guides my eye and allows me to focus actually on the page!! I tend to lose myself a lot in comics and I was surprised this made me focus more xD Awesome work!
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
That is wonderful to read. Thank you so much for that! :-)

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TidukProfessional General Artist
Love Cap Stone and love the Madefire app! I really dig the motion book format and feel that it's gonna be the future of comics. I grabbed the 1st issue of Cap Stone in print when I saw it in the shop but I don't make it to the store as often as I would like and haven't been able to get any more. Is there any plan of printing a Cap Stone trade? As a consumer this has been my tendency, I'll pick up a new title, get the 1st few issues if I'm lucky, then fall behind and miss the next few. After that if I can't track down missing issues I just wait for the trade to come out. Thank you for all your amazing work!
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
Too kind, thank you. And yes! The collected edition is out in September... :-)
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Glad to hear the app is still going strong. I remember reading the first Cap Stone episodes before the DA launch and being very impressed with what could be achieved with MadeFire.

I'm putting the final touches on a motion script at the moment - next step is to find an artist. :)
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
Good luck! It's an AMAZING tool! :-)
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DarkChroniclesComProfessional Digital Artist
I have to say that I loved Cap. Stone right from the beginning and this one is awesome!
What you and all the other great guys at madefire did the last year is absolutly amazing. I've never seen such a potential in this digital way.
It's a brand new way of visual story telling. I'm so proud that you set up my issues to the app as well although they are no common digital comics, I guess.

I showed some motion books like cap stone,mono, treatment and of course my own personal masterpiece to my family and friends (some of them are cross media students ;))
and they could not believe what was happening on their display :) "This got potential and it's going to be big!"they said.
On this way I wanna thank all of you guys at madefire! You have made me do what I do now and my passion for it is growing day by day!
Keep on rocking, Liam! :headbang: 
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
Thank you for that! It means a hell of a lot. :-)

Good luck with everything!
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DarkChroniclesComProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks. Can I ask you something? When does Cap Stone kick the Marvel Cinematic Universes ass in theatres? I think that would be a great mash up, don't you? xD
Imagine: Cap. Stone vs. Cap. America... that would be a civil war I promise! ;)
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist

Would, of course, love to see Cap in the cinema...
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DarkChroniclesComProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah that would be nice!
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