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This, and the other three that go with it, was done for the hell of it. Not a commission, not a job, but just because I've always wanted to draw a Conan strip - and I had a few (rare) spare days on my hands. Had a ball doing them and maybe I'll do more, make a real story out of them...



Note: For some reason this is my favourite of the three recent pages. The figures are just about exactly as I see Conan, and that's hard to achieve every time - unless you're Buscema! The man was a genius. :)
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Conan is my ALL TIME favourite character in literature, comics, movies and games. No other character has ever appealed to me the same way (including over 20 years of comic reading). Your illustrations of the mighty Cimmerian are all very cool. I've tried drawing Conan a few times and it is very difficult to bring across his actual character without it just looking like a generic barbarian, but you have achieved this with a remarkable level of consistency. Well done. And you're absolutely correct - Buscema was a genius!   
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
That's incredibly generous of you, thank you! Very much appreciated. :-)
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yeah, I'm gonna have to buy this print too.
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
Cool! :-)
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I'd love to purchase this print, it's gorgeous.
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
Thank you! I've just submitted it so you can. :-)
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Here's hoping someone wisens up and gives you a Conan book. You handle him really well; much better than some of the official artists.
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i agree with you,Buscema was a genious,there's no better version of Conan.
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Utterly wonderful work
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MoriadatHobbyist Artist
That's breathtaking, man. I hope you get to draw him one day. Have you let Dark Horse know of your interest? They do mini-series with guest artists all the time.
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keithdrawsProfessional Digital Artist
yes man.. You should be doing this for lots of pay.. Its great stuff!
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azharmaaProfessional Filmographer
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SteelpenguProfessional Digital Artist
I spent so much time staring at Buscema's art in college. He was a huge influence on me. I'd pour through his sketchbook, studying the way he builds his figures and masters his ink. He doesn't ink so much as attack the page with a brush. It has a very aggressive, organic feel to it that deffinitely carries over to this page. That glower from Conan in the bottom panel is superb. It's a fine blend of what made Ahnuld a compelling Conan and Howard's literal character.

You know, I never really thought about it, but you do commission work, don't you? Do you think I could get a quote from you sometime?
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Yupp. This is the newest amzing style of the barabarian stories.
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Sweet Charlie Brown!! Liam Sharp Conan sequential art - I call this christmas in March!!! :boogie:
God bless whatever allowed you some spare days off :D! My favourite of the three pages - and yes, Buscema WAS a genius - his Conan the Rogue graphic novel is still some of my favourite comic work today.
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pigmangaProfessional General Artist
What the hell is going on here?Why aren't you doing a Conan comic for Marvel or who the hellever owns it.This is a perfect Conan visual.Call them and get hostages.I want to see YOU do this book.
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introvertedartHobbyist Traditional Artist
Dark Horse needs to stop fucking around and give you a shot. I think that your work would actually fit current writer Tim Truman's vision perfectly.
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Esco Here!
You, my friend, are like fine wine.
Great stuff. As usual.
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WOW! Mr Sharp I really love what you have done. It actuely looks like a strip done by someone who had the artistic skills of Buscema and you, and the way he always tried to get that "squre-cut mane" of Conan's from looking femanin.
This is a great conan peice all togeather, but that master-stroke of Buscema in the underlay makes it a real plesure to come across. I hope you get some spair time again. :D
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
Thank you! Looks like I'm hitting the notes I was aiming for... :)

Take care,

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Conan--as he should be! This is my favorite of your three recent submissions. I liked Buscema's work on Conan more than Windsor-Smith's and better than Ernie Chan's and this reminds me of Buscema's Conan(no easy feat)! Very great work!
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
Thanks man. It's very much appreciated. :)

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so amazing! great works as expected of Liam Sharp,, can you view my works? and maybe you leave a comment on what field i should improve.. :D
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LiamSharpProfessional General Artist
Thank you! Very kind.
I always try to visit the guys who drop by here, but can't promise I'll be able to crit - it's just a time thing. I get asked that a lot and it's hard to keep everybody happy... :)

I'll try though!


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