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Transformers Lost Light Crew MTMTE Cover

Had another lil play with this rather quickly. Always fun playing with Nick Roche line art, my art has evolved along with his own.

Trying to get the right amount of energy here was fun

Lines by Nick Roche

Colours by me
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Awesome G1-esque take on the cover for the first issue of the epic MTMTE saga! :)
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A majorly epic cover.
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yeah, i like this one much better :)
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thanks man :) hopefully down the line and scheduling being helpful i'll get to try my take on your lovely line work
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pretty cool. i would have liked it if you had stayed with the colours that are used on the characters in the comic. i can see that your going for your own take on things, but the books been out for a year, we all know what their colours look like. seeing them with changes just looks odd to me now. also, red eyes for drift and rewind i don't think work. but this is just my opinion. thanks for sharing this :)
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haha i get yah man. In truth i went with the more traditional colour schemes partly to further keep it away from Josh's take. Sometimes i've found that even when i state in writing that a piece wasn't the official one people still sometimes mistake it. and I don't want to accidentally mislead fans :)

I'm all for hearing your opinion on this buddy. I'm interested now to make these changes and get your revised thoughts on it :)

loving the series man
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