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The Green Lantern issue 1 cover

From my upcoming series with the great Grant Morrison! Zoom in for the crazy details... :-)
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Not feeling it to be honest. The upper torso is twice the size of his legs! Looks like, you know, a bad drawing! :o
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Fair enough. I've been drawing comics for over 30 years, and as with most I have stylistic tics that are not to everybody's taste. I'm not shooting for real as I personally like a level of stylization in both the art I appreciate and the art I draw. You have a good eye though. The proportions you pick out as not being accurate are the ones I intentionally exaggerated. Cheers!
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I felt obliged to reply once more, since you were kind enough to check my humble scribbles after my rather blunt comment. Since you get so many positive, non-critical comments, I figured my critique would go unnoticed. I do still stand by my post, but perhaps I should have said something positive also. After all, your Death's Head II character is one of my all time favorites and your art generally is very good. So what I should have perhaps added on my original post was that even though I think the proportions are "bad" even by exaggerated superhero standards, the background is glorious! I assume you did every dot with a a white out pencil or something? Some artists might leave all that detailing to the colorist.
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It's a constant struggle, and frankly I rarely like my figures - I'm my own worst critic so it's no surprise when people have criticisms. But we try, and we grow. Some people seem to like it - which is perhaps MORE surprising to me!

Regarding the BG. All hand drawn, either tiny circles or white dots painted on with a brush.

Cheers! And enjoyed your gallery. :-)
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I hope Morrison’s going to cut loose on this series!
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Great balance. Nice work all around!
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Channeling Virgil Finlay there in the background, are you? Well done.
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The use of dots and patterns is almost like Australian Aboriginal art. Amazing.
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You are not the first to say this! Well spotted. :-)
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I was wondering what became of you...
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Badass! Can't wait to read the book!
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I can't wait to see what you and Grant Morrison will be doing! Will you be focusing Hal Jordan only, or Will Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz be along for the ride?
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Fantastic! You were not kidding about the whole zoom in for crazy details!
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Awesome. Hal has a new haircut, too. ;) 
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