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Sullen Hulk

Fun piece to do this - I've not drawn the Hulk for more than a decade!
Hopefully this will be the cover to an upcoming magazine which features a big interview with me, but I'm not saying for sure yet incase they change their mind!


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Awesome! I made a Hulk Illustration for Inktober 2017, check it out:
Inktober day 12 : Shattered (Hulk)
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Very good man!!!
This piece is beyond words.... It embodies the hulk to the max. In search of inner peace and isolation. the expression on his face shows the pain of his past and almost as if he knows the road to what he wants will be filled with death and destruction. Well done.
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Badass hulk, I love the veins!! how much in this illustration is digital?
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Now THAT'S what Hulk is supposed to look like! 
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Excellent job, I love the Hulk!
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this is great!! if you have time, can you please look at my paintings and give me some tips for better drawing and painting please? i have started digital painting this year and i'm aiming to get better at it.
thank you!
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Superb work! One of a kind artman
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Muy buen trabajo... felicitaciones.
He's...monstrous! :) I hope to see him in print. Keep us posted!
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Wow. Well done. :)
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I had no idea that you had a DA account. I'm so glad they published the article. Great artwork. You have masterful skill in figure art.
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Extremely good of you to say so, thank you! I have always loved the figure - but you never stop learning! :-)
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You are correct, sir!Nod
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"Bah, puny humans not want to be Hulk's friend, only hound and hate... makes Hulk angry and sad....."
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