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Judge Dredd and Anderson pinup

This is a pin-up I've just done for the Megazine. It will be out in December, along with a ten page Christmas Judge Dredd story (my first in 20 years!!!) and a feature/interview. I really enjoyed returning to this character, and I've never drawn Death or Anderson before, so that was fantastic too.
Check out the close-up for skin details! I went nuts!



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Great artwork. I like the textures on Dredd's skin.
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Man Carl Urban did an amazing job of capturing that frown.
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Wow you should be doing the movie posters for the rest of the movies.
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Really good work! Love your stuff!
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Awesome isn't a strong enough word, so will have to say Mega-Awesome :)
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All I can say is "WOW".
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DREDD, my childhood! ;v; was never allowed to watch tv when little, but I managed to score myself some Dredd comics at a garage sale when my parents weren't looking-they were my everything! Loved it ever since!
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just saw this on one of the extras of the dredd movie dvd
the colors and lighting in this are freaking gorgeous
keep up the fantastic work
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Epic job!! how long did it take?
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Dredd is one scary dude if he was real, I just finished watching Dredd the movie and I have to say Dredd makes Batman look like a pussy. Dredd arrests people for moping and shoots people in the head for littering. Dredd is a pschycopath that knows no other option besides murdering people.
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wow, this is fantastic. Isn't is a wonderful surprise when we do what we love and then stand back and see what we created? Your work is brilliant indeed. Dredd was one of my favs from the past. Addicting to be sure.
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Thank you so much! Appreciated! :-)
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this is on is brilliant...
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Thanks! Glad you liked it! :-)
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Wow...amazing work!
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Had to come back to this ( already commented on it a while back ) bloody good!!! And again...the chin is AWESOME!
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Ha ha! Thanks man! :-)
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Awesome work on this painting and looks great!
Death is my fave and he looks great!
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Thank you! You have to love Death! Classic character. :-)
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