HGW Japanese Cherry Blossom Event EVALUATED!

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By LiaLithiumTM
15 Favourites

Show Jumping won´t count! not enough entries! (I´m sorry)


3rd Place Kysan 
HoLS Ian Dakar Alexander  dressur japan ian kysan Kopie by Kysan
I had loved the expremism drawing style of bg
sadly some little mistakes in bg had cost points...

2nd Place LiveWild4Ever 
Dieago  JCBE Dressage entry - Diego by LiveWild4Ever
really nice background, I had loved the lights <3

1st Place :devAnjaJag: 
 American Bacchus  Bach in Japan by AniaJag
background was great and I had loved the clothes of rider
really nice pose 

4th Place:
Jumperlady with her both horses (same points xD )
sadly bg had mistakes, river is missing (we walk through it)
but I´d loves the sakura trees and the animation in one of the pics :)

Pls note me to get your prices!!!!

:new: Advertising: As "Reference" vor creating this event (construction, content) I had a look at: rosenhill.deviantart.com/journ…
Please check out this awesome event, too!

Rules & info
Bullet; Blue Free linearts/greyscales or photo backgrounds are not allowed.
Bullet; Blue Re-using old drawings is not allowed.
Bullet; Blue Tracing is allowed.
Bullet; Blue Entries must be full body & with background, however we will allow 1 half body.
Bullet; Blue Number and country flag must be shown somewhere.
:bulletblue: Dressage: no dresscoat, be creative, show jumping: dresscoat
:bulletblue: you can enter with max. 2 horses, vet check for every horse is permission

Bullet; Blue you can enter the classes you want
-> It's up to you which classes you enter, you can also choose all classes!

Bullet; Blue Judging is effort based.
Bullet; Blue Extra images will give you extra points. (arrival pic + warming up)
Bullet; Blue Points will be docked for wrong arena, jump, weather, not full body, etc.

Bullet; Blue Ponies and fantasy horses are allowed. (be a little realistic pls)
:bulletblue: Rider + 16 , Horse 5+ years

Day planning

Everyone's arrival, in our special parking meadows.
Rainy/Clouded weather all day. +13C°

Vet inspections all day.
During the vet inspection it's still calm & sunny weather, but a lot of wind once dressage starts, so cherry blossoms will dance around the court! +17C°

Show Jumping all day, starting in the morning and should be finished in late afternoon.
It's still calm & sunny weather, no wind! +17C°

Dressage is held in the evening while sun is going down,some stars are sparkeling at the sky, while you can still see cherry blossoms flying across. Cherry trees are lightted from groundlamps and are decorated by red lampions. Creates a nice, warm atmosphere at the area.

Dancing ball at early evening.
Award ceremony in the late evening.

Class info
The Area
Area is IN a japanese River with sandy ground and a deep around 10-20cm. Left and Right are grass embankments with many cherry trees being in full bloom. At the background you can see the Mountains.
River arises at mountains, so water is very clear, no mudd! So you only get a ltittle bit wet ;)

Held on day 3.
Area is IN a japanese River with sandy ground and a deep around 10-20cm. Left and Right are grass embankments with many cherry trees being in full bloom. At the background you can see the Mountains.
Dressage fences consisting from ropes, decorated with red japanese lampions.
Horses can be drawn performing any dressage movements.

Extra points
Bullet; Blue Donations give +2 points for all your entries.
Bullet; Blue Advertising this event (journal/poll) gives +4 points for all your entries.
Bullet; Blue Stories can gain till +5 extra points.

Bullet; Blue Of every class, you can draw only 1 horse.
Bullet; Blue  Points will be docked if the arena/time of day/etc is not correct.

Bullet; White VET CHECK  Bullet; Red REQUIRED! Bullet; White
Without a vet check image your entry won't count!
If you enter with more than one horse you can show both on one picture.
Held in the show arena.
Must be full body. +1
Background +1
Handler and/or vet showing (at least 75%) +1

Bullet; White WARMING UP Bullet; White
For the discipline, you enter, for every horse only one warming up picture!.
Dressage warm up between the Cherry trees on the brink of river
Show jumping warm up over benches etc. standing on the bink of river

Headshot (with or without background) +0.5
Half body +1 (background +0.5)
Full body +2 (background +1)

Please feel free for offering more prizes!
Pls NO imports :)

Bullet; Blue 500 Points by LiaLithiumTM
Bullet; Blue Trophy (gold)
Bullet; Blue medal (gold)
Bullet; Blue Helsinki-Warmblood import by LiaLithiumTM (only if you want)

Bullet; Blue 250 Points by LiaLithiumTM
Bullet; Blue Trophy (silver)
Bullet; Blue medal (silver)

Bullet; Blue 100 Points
Bullet; Blue medal (bronze)

all other places
Bullet; Blue Participation ribbon

Please note: no points if there less than 5 entries!

© 2014 - 2021 LiaLithiumTM
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HohoeminoBakudan's avatar
Man I would join but my horses no longer do English riding. x.x
Kysan's avatar
ich werd wohl das zweite bild nicht schaffen v.v
LiaLithiumTM's avatar
schade ~.~
so wie es aussieht, werd ich auch nur die Trophäen und Medallien vergeben
gibt zu wenig entries dafür kann und will ich nicht 2000 points hergeben
Kysan's avatar
dabei hab ich mir soo ne mühe gegeben XD
LiaLithiumTM's avatar
Kann ich verstehen
Aber die meisten haben nichtmal ihren vetcheck angefangen und dabei hab ich schon um nen monat verlängert
Das ist frustrierend...
Kysan's avatar
Dann setz den preis doch auf 100 oder so. Für den Lohn der mühe. Weist? ;3
LiaLithiumTM's avatar
mal sehen, weiß noch nicht
hab ja auch im event drunter geschrieben, dass es keine punkte gibt, wenn in einer disziplin weniger als 5 teilnehmer sind^^
AniaJag's avatar
Dressage is listed as being on both day 2 and day 4 with different weather...which should I draw?
LiaLithiumTM's avatar
omg there is a mistake
thanks for note me this
day 4 is right xD
AllspireEstates's avatar
My country is "Allspire" its a made up land :lmao: Is this alright? I'll be making up a flag if it is. :)
LiaLithiumTM's avatar
AllspireEstates's avatar
Also, is it possible if I can "loosely" register? I want to participate but ah, well, I'm not entirely sure if I can make an entry in time ^^'
LiaLithiumTM's avatar
Its ok :)
Just try it x)
Rosenhill's avatar
You could've at least asked me before copy-pasting 3/4 of my RWES journal, but ok.
LiaLithiumTM's avatar
because I don´t want to make any problems:
I´ll add your event as "reference" at the top of my event
with link to your journal as advertising

if this isn´t fine to you I´ll write a new journal where all words are mine...more or less^^
LiaLithiumTM's avatar
nah I´m sorry
this is the first event I started and I feared to forget something
so I had a look at other event journals
I had not thought that this would be a problem, because rules in events are mostly the same^^
Rosenhill's avatar
Yes, taking stuff out of other journals to guide you is ok but you just straight up copied my text, and that's just not cool. People come back to my shows and I'm very happy with them, bc I often get to hear how well organized they are, so it does irk me when someone just takes that over without even letting me know.
/saw your second reply: it's no big deal, and it's ok like that. I really don't mind if you take parts out of my journal but this is just the same for 3/4 and that bugs me. I've had people copy parts of my shows before, but they ask first and that's just polite to do if you're really going to copy-paste and not only take inspiration/reference. I spend several days/weeks when setting up my shows, so a little heads-up before you copy it is nicer than if I run into it by coincidence.
/saw you changed a couple things about the journal now too: It's okay, just ask next time. :)
LiaLithiumTM's avatar
ok I will do
thanks for your "after approval"
Kysan's avatar
LiaLithiumTM's avatar
ok, danke :)
ist notiert x3
Quartermile5's avatar
Ouuw das klingt ja mal sehr interessant! :la:
Ich denke ich werde mitmachen, genug zeit ist ja da! :)

Zu den fragen:

1. ich weiß das haben jetzt viele gefragt aber ich will noch mal sicher gehen.. Also der Boden ist mit Wasser bedeckt ( also der Huf komplett unter Wasser ?) 
Aber ist das dann beim springen nicht gefährlich? Weil ich kann mir vorstellen dass durch das Wasser dann rutschgefahr besteht?

2. Thema Dressur dresscode.. Ehem verkleiden ist eher nicht so gewollt, oder gerade?
Haha ich bin mir gerade nicht sicher ob ich mit Cosplay von Game of Thrones anrauschen soll oder lieber mit Jogging und Sweater!^^

Joar das war's erst mal denke ich. :)
LiaLithiumTM's avatar
hihi ok
vllt wird ja auch noch verlängert

1. ja, vllt. etwas mehr : die Tiefe beträgt 10-20 cm (tiefste Stelle), am Rand des Flusses (Richtung Ufer) wirds natürlich noch flacher
Nein, es besteht keine Rutschgefahr, ist doch Sandboden und keine Fließen, am Strand reitet man doch auch mal ein wenig durchs Wasser, oder? ;)

2. Zum Dresscoat kannst du dir einfach was einfallen lassen, ob nun richtige Dressur Kleidung, geschmückt, Kleid, Kimono, das kommt darauf an, wie du gerade Lust und Ideen hast, es sollte nur zum Hintergrund bzw zur Stimmung des Bildes passen (also währe z.b. ne Mittelalterrüstung im europäischem Stil nicht angebracht ;D )

Quartermile5's avatar

1. Haha ok, ich war nur etwas skeptisch, weil hmm... ach egal xD
Wobei da springt man ja nicht über 1.40+ Hindernisse.^^
Aber wie gesagt egal, ich machs einfach.

2. Stimmt allerdings, mal sehen, vielleicht bekomme ich es hin, Jake als thailändischen Mönch starten zu lassen, das käme iwie cool.^^

so nebenbei, Grüße vom 'Nachbarn' Thailand- Koh Samui :D

LiaLithiumTM's avatar
haha ist ok xD

ja, das wäre echt ne gute idee
bin schon gespannt darauf xD

wieso? bist du dort gerade?
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