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My Creative Resume

Hire me! ☺
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com I get this template it will help full for me

could you sent me the editable format ?
thank you..
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Are resumes like this searchable by Applicant Tracking software?
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Could u please send me this ?
this is incredible!  Would you be able to send me a template or copy?
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pls send me this 1
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could you send me an copy of this one or just the layout? 
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Is there anyway i could get a copy of this template? It is amazing!
I love this design, can you please email me the template at
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hey...its realy impresive..can I get a copy of the :)

please send it to me at
plz can you send it to me
This is great! Please can I have the template?

i really love this very much,i hope to learn alot from is that possible?
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Thank you so much! :D I just used Adobe Photoshop. Of course, you can do that too! :D
loved this cute resume design. u 2 a cutie hehe
liagiannjezreel's avatar
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Great Design, I love it.. its unique and cute :p Great Idea!
liagiannjezreel's avatar
Awww. :) Thank you so much! :D
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ito ung cnasabi ko. =)
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I really like this a lot because it really "pops" & it's exciting to look at! It's like reading inside of a high school girl's notebook (in a good way. On the flipside, it's a little bit "busy", you know. But anyway, I still like it a lot.
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