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Life is more than meets the eye
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Seekers for Valong


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Seekers for Valong


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Commission sheet 2020 CLOSED

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#Inktober 27 - Rebooster and Alina B. for Lia

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Perennial Ripples - Oct 30, 2019 (Poem)

From a morning spent at the sea, on Oct 30. I sought inner calm after my father's death. The sea calmed me and reminded me a truth about life. There, I wrote the poem and took the photo. Perennial Ripples Water that caresses the rocks, waves dancing around, shining with reflected light. Only peaceful rocks are looking at them. The rocks are resting on the sea. So my soul brightens up to the rhythm of the water and its perennial ripples, accompanied by the calm of the smell of saltiness that reminds to my heart: "Life is forever." * * * ITA * * * Increspature perenni Acqua che carezza gli scogli, onde che danzano intorno, splendenti di


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TFP_Teaming with Humans

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Prime Meets Rid: Miko And Sideswipe

RID15 Sideswipe

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Commission : Ayako and Dumpson

Brave Police J-Decker

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MtMtE Megatron

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You deserve to be happy (Commissioned)

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Comm:  Custom Heliopolis

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Art Trade: Flashback

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Astrotrain head studies

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