Rolamaton Tales - The Foundation - Part I

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By liadospetti

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22 February 1993

The little curly-haired, chubby girl had been waiting in front of the entrance arch of the town hall for quite some time. Nobody had paid must – if any – attention to her. If anybody had stopped by to look at her, it had been because of her curly, rebel hair that made her head look like the crown of an oak tree.

When someone finally acknowledged her presence, it had been almost three hours.

“What are you doing here, little one?” someone inquired. The little girl lifted her head to look at the owner of that voice, a brunette in her forties with a kind face.

“I wanna talk to the Mayor,” announced the girl, looking at the woman with imploring eyes. The woman smiled and uncovered her teeth, the kind of smile that the little girl knew to be one of embarrassment and not genuine. The woman’s eyes blinked and then rolled as she sighed. “The Mayor is busy, sweetheart.”

“But it’s important!”

“Is it?” She crossed her arms. “And what is it that you wanted to tell him?”

The little girl frowned and then looked away. “It’s a secret.”

“Well, I’m afraid I can’t really help you, then. But I can take you home. Where do you live, dear? What’s your name?”

The little girl stiffened and sucked in her belly to make her shoulders appear broader and more authoritarian. “No need to take me home. I live nearby.” She made a step back and then she ran away from the short gallery of the town hall. The woman didn’t call her nor did she follow her. However, as she walked back home, the child felt that someone was watching her. When she lifted her chin, she thought she saw the Mayor Cesari bringing himself to the balcony of the town hall, but she couldn’t be sure about it.

After walking another handful of meters, though, she realized that, Mayor or not, that person was really looking at her.

Read the full story at the link in the description! :)

Finally a preview of the Rolamaton story I've been working on! >:3

The Foundation - Part I tells of the "birth" of the refuge and robot minitown known as Rolamaton the "Robocity".

You can read the Tale in full at…

I'm going to wait for the artwork to be ready to release an EPUB and PDF version of the tale.

Happy reading!

Rolamaton The Robocity and all its characters are creations by Lia Dospetti. This is a work of art and fiction released under the CC-BY 4.0 license.
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I love it and I wait to read the rest of it.

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I couldn't post it all on dA (there was an error) so you can read the full story on my website here:

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I did read it. I can't wait for part two.

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This is so suspenseful! And so easy to read, too! I look forward to seeing what happens next!
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I'm glad it was an easy and enjoyable read! ;u; Writing this Foundation episode is hard and it's taking me a long time, because it's everything the rest of the continuity is based upon. I must craft it carefully and with love. :heart:

I might have an update of this one soon!
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I can relate. I have a project I want to start, but I keep reworking it in my head, to the point that no actual words are coming out. But at least you're getting something done, right! I wish you the best of luck in formulating everything just right. I know you can do it, and when you do, it's gonna be great! ♥
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I hope you managed to start your project, dear. ^-^ I finished writing this Tale and got it edited by a professional editor as well as beta read. I added a link to the full story in the description. ♥ (I have to make the font bigger but my computer is freezing a lot today - at least it's there, finally!)

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