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Eremon and Silira Kissing (Defender of Histories)

By liadospetti
:love: :love: :love: I'm so glad I finally go this artwork done!

The characters are Eremon (a young "king") and Silira (an archivist and historian). They are among the main characters in the YA Fantasy novel Defender of Histories, Book #1 of The Witness Chronicles by Haley Walden.

I had the honor to read the ARC for this novel and I literally fell in love with Silira and Eremon and their pure love. :love: That's why I decided to portray them.

Can't spoil more! You have to read the book to find out what happens to them.

You can find my book review here, if you're interested:…

Aaaah.... I crave for more Eremon+Silira moments ;u; I'm a hopeless romantic, ain't I?

Fanart/artwork by Lia Mara Dospetti. Drawn and colored in Paint Tool SAI.
Eremon and Silira are copyrighted by Haley Walden. No stealing!
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There's also a woman/woman love genre, which is called "yuri"

"Yuri" which is actually a Japanese term for "girl's love"

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Ah I know yuri. Recently I've been reading Girl Friends, and before that I really loved Bloom Into You (I also watched the anime).

However, in this picture the one on the left is a boy, although he looks feminine.

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Oh.... okay then, so I'm apologize for assuming, that's all.

Anyway, did you ask phantomflower08 yet?

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No problem. 😊

And I haven't asked yet. I'm a little busy this week.

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Alright then. Anyway, are you planning to draw Devilman/Amon with his teo ballerinas: Miki Makimura and my OC Belle Danseuse?

Here's a friendly reminder:

Devilman/Amon looks like the Crybaby version.


And my OC Belle Danseuse looks like this:

Pastel Friends - Belle Danseuse

And this is what her ballet uniform look like:


Now all I need ti give it a title... perhaps Amon's Ballerina Girls?