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Ceron Soldiery with his bunny Rega (Rolamaton)

By liadospetti

"The Bunny" is the title of a Robocity Tale set on July 5th of 1994, year of the grand opening of Rolamaton as a refuge and a mini-town for scrapped robots, and about a year since the first robots created the community.

In 1994, little Ceron Soldiery is only 3 years old. He has nothing else in his life but his mentally unstable older brother, Destroyer Soldiery, and a wish: to have a little bunny pet to play with. :)

Artwork by RoboMommy (previously LuanaTF as stated in the picture, which is a bit old)

*** The Tale is being fixed because the old translation from Italian was quite bad. A friend is helping me with the correction. I'll get it online when it's ready. ***
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Still working on it.  I'll try and get it to you as soon as I can.
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No rush, my friend! I'm just so enthusiastic about this old Tale. Poured a lot of heart in it (and some thoughts that I'll share through Notes).

Thanks again for doing me this huge favor! Let me know if I can return the generosity in any way. :hug:
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Both are cuties! 
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Thank you! :3 They are. Ceron looks like a small bunny himself, with those 'ear'-like plugs on his head.