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Ceron Soldiery with his bunny Rega (Rolamaton)

#vss365 Speed Running (Rolamaton)


#vss365 Speed Running (Rolamaton)

Speed running through the colossal tunnels, careful not to blow up on the mined gardens. Hurrying to meet the only people a sentient robot on a frantic escape from slavery could truly trust. But that – that trust – was a fatal mistake. The End

Destroyer Soldiery of Rolamaton

Shotfire Adams of Rolamaton

Rolamaton Tales - The Foundation - Part I


Rolamaton Tales - The Foundation - Part I

 The Foundation – Part I   An eight-year-old is determined to give a future to a group of scrapped robots * * * 22 February 1993 The little curly-haired, chubby girl had been waiting in front of the entrance arch of the town hall for quite some time. Nobody had paid attention to her. If anybody had stopped by to look at her, it had been because of her curly, rebel blank hair that made her head look like the crown of an oak tree.   When someone finally acknowledged her presence, it had been almost three hours. “What are you doing here, little one?” someone inquired. The little girl lifted her head to look at the owne

Mitra Blasery of Rolamaton (2017)

K-1 'Spydrone' Hardground of Rolamaton

The real Rolamaton The Robocity: Genzano's library

Elisha Rosden of Rolamaton (2014)

Rock Hardground of Rolamaton

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Talan Ander - The Gearshift Family

Seedpost Growave Gearshift

T'rashara H'Saphena Gearshift


Let He Who Is Without Sin (MTMTE DJD fic) - Teaser


Let He Who Is Without Sin (MTMTE DJD fic) - Teaser

 (…) “Initially, I wanted to shut you down with antimatter, stripping you of the names that made you someone feared across the whole galaxy.” Sitting on the bench in the space room, Megatron and Damus were talking again, but the DJD leader wasn’t handcuffed this time. Megatron had given orders that from now on, until he was with him, that security measure was no longer necessary. “And then let you die without dignity,” Megatron continued, “just like you did with many of your victims.” Damus listened to Megatron but he didn’t dare to look him in the eye. His gaze moved from Megatron

#Inktober 27 - Rebooster and Alina B. for Lia

Jader Kick (Concept Art) - Planet Electronia

Tallis Grumble (Concept Art) - Planet Electronia

Darkseal (Hackle) Turner - Planet Electronia

Gait Firecracker (Concept Art) - Planet Electronia

Peek Valtan (Concept Art) - Planet Electronia

Talan Ander - The Gearshift Family

Seedpost Growave Gearshift

Electronia AU - Tribe Leader (BW)

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Hi! I'm Lia and I'm a book lover and wannabe writer. Give me SciFi and I'll be the happiest gal on the planet. :3

Author of:

Rolamaton The Robocity

Planet Electronia

The Gearshift Family

Evagen Brothers - The Spawn of Mechatrace

and other W.I.P short stories and novels.

* I only RP with close friends *

* I use she/her pronouns but feel free to use they/them if you like it more - I'm demigirl and slightly genderfluid *

By supporting my Patreon you will help me devote more time and energy to work on these fictional universes, publish more content more often and create new exciting experiences for the fans. (Yes, even $1/mo makes a difference.) Thanks!

Now you CAN buy me a 'coffee' ($3) to help me make time for Rolamaton, The Robocity and my other fiction works:

NOTE: For every $10 of donation to support my fiction, I will donate $2 to the REAL Rolamaton - a pretty Italian public library (Biblioteca "Carlo Levi", Genzano di Roma) - because Rolamaton is exactly that library, a refuge for me and my friend, and it runs on public funds and donations. Thanks in advance for helping both the fictional and the real robocity thrive!

Favourite Movies
Ready Player One, Wreck-it Ralph, Bumblebee, The Iron Giant
Favourite TV Shows
Eli Stone, Chuck, Numb3rs, Big Bang Theory

Stop Eclipse + Robocity Updates

Stop Eclipse + Robocity Updates

Please, if you also think the new Eclipse interface is not user-friendly and a mess compared to the DA we all know well, sign this petition Hopefully the DA staff will listen to us and leave the toggle on for everybody. :( It's just another skin, how hard to keep can it be? Robocity Updates You may have noticed the lack of in terms of writing. I'm deep in grief and everything's very very hard for me to do lately; grief is invalidating and it might go on for several months more. However, I still write here and there, on the good days. I'm currently working on T
My artist is coloring Firebot Allen! :love: The Robocity chief medic and one of the Founding Citizens of Rolamaton. I can't wait for Lu @RoboMommy to get him finished!P.S. I share most Works In Progress (and special gifts) to Patreon supporters. Woul...
My artist @RoboMommy is working on the mini-comic for Demir's adoption! 😍 This is a mini Rolamaton Tale that we decided to have as a short comic instead of a short story.

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Thanks for the watch by Athenamus  
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You're welcome! <3

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Your art is 👌👀👌
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Thanks! :blushes:

Actually, I draw humans. My robot art comes from my friend artist RoboMommy 

She's my main artist for the SciFi Robot series I'm writing.
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Merry *slightly early* Christmas, Buddy!  I love you!

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Awww I love you too, Mandi! :love: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! x3
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