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The God of Plague and Corvids - First Draft
  The songs have come again. The gentle hums beneath his arcing mask. His long, black robes scrape at the fallen leaves upon the ground; feet crunching them to bits as he winds his way along the cobbled roads. His wordless chant is punctuated by the sickly moans shared between tormented souls. The tired coughs, the muttered prayers, final breaths lost within the wind. Children stand in awe as he moves down the alleys and pathways, his censer waving to and fro and mesmerizing them with sweetened smoke. The older folk pale and tremble, but scramble quickly to their doors. They slink down against those wooden boards and clasp their ears tightly in their hands; hoping in vain that the layers of flesh will halt the deathly tune. But the song only grows louder, elevating to a scream that forces its way through the closed digits, blistering the skin and turning it black as the robes he wears about his form. The wails are barely audible; drowned out by the song. Louder and louder he sings
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Rays of Light by Li-Grey Rays of Light :iconli-grey:Li-Grey 2 0
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Mirela: Queen of the Sea :iconli-grey:Li-Grey 1 0
The Red Wraith
Is there a name for what I am?
What is a ghost that has not yet died,
But fails so thoroughly to be human?
What is the term for someone
Who has a heart that's always clenched?
Who is always either on the verge of endless tears,
Or enveloped in a white hot rage?
Is there a word for someone so wronged by the world,
That they've already assumed
That death will be their best life?
Not merely the suicidal.
Not merely the miserable.
No, so much more than that.
Is there a word for someone who is eager to haunt?
Is there a word for someone who can't help but feel
That the most power they'll have
Is as a geist
Tormenting the living that wronged them before?
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The Moon's Plea
  It doesn't always seem like it, but there have been times when the world was beautiful to you. Often, they came after long intervals of ugliness, and they were few and far between. But they were there. Do you remember the Moon?
  Of course you do.
  It came after an argument. You don't remember what it was about, though you can venture a pretty good guess. It didn't last long, but it ended in you throwing curses at your mother and her chasing you into your plain white room. You sat on the bed as she smacked your door hard into the wall behind it and began to scream at you as loudly as her lungs would allow. You don't remember what she said. There's only silence, and the image of her rage-twisted face behind messy brunette locks in your memory now. Regardless, there's no forgetting what came after.
  She slammed the door again, this time behind her as she left. Left you alone with only those now deafened screams ringing in your ears. You were ten years old and toda
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A Gift to Mictlan
  Though the night is dim, the dog's abyssal black fur looks as though it's sparkling. Here he walks with dark paws in the grey sand, his claws and fangs glittering.
  Like the glinting of a sword, or the reflection off a polished bullet.
  He has brought the sun down for the day, and he pants to catch his breath before the bones within the graves can start to shake. When he thinks he's well enough to go, he raises his nose to the air and sniffs his way to shelter for the night.
  As he goes, the femurs and spines and skulls begin to roll across his path. They shift to and fro, searching for their connections in the dust of Mictlan. The sound of joints clicking and shaking echoes through the land as the muted sands fall away from them. Though the loudest of those lies not in the sand, but on the stone perches of thrones. There is the man I hear in my blood. The God of my ancestry. The fearsome, blood-soaked, and skeletal figure with nothing but a liver suspended jus
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Of Lilies and Asphodels
                                 Of Lilies and Asphodels
  You used to call me your messenger. Your sign that God still cared. I was to rise with the sun and to grow even in the shade. I was to bear your family's name and give the letters life. I was to be your winged seed; twirling in the gusts of wind that swept across the barren fields of our legacy. From the dust, I would bring flowers. From the browns, I would bring greens. But time has not been kind to me. The wings upon me have shriveled and cracked. I, myself, have become ragged and exhausted. I lay upon the earth - dry and splintering from drought – and I can hear your voice hissing on the breeze.
  What good am I to you now?
  I don't know, and I don't know how long I'd been lying there, either. The daytime star burned hot against my skin. I could see the ebbing waves of heat coming off the ground; obscuring what laid in
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Hey everyone!

I wanted to announce that I am currently on a job hunt right now, but I'm interested in doing something on the side so I have money for food and necessities. Namely, I am offering up my ability to read cards in exchange for donations. I largely do three-card past/present/future readings and two-card question spreads, but there are a variety of other formats that I can discuss with anyone interested. 

As I said, I am doing this for donations right now so there isn't really a set price, but anything in the ballpark of $5-$10 would be ideal. And, of course, if you're willing to give more than that it would be immensely appreciated, as this will be my primary source of income for a while. 

If you'd like one of my readings, feel free to send me a note so that we can discuss what format works best for you. From there, you'll send a donation via my Paypal link below and I'll get started with your analysis ASAP. 

Psychic Espeon laIn advance, I'd like to thank you so much for your time! Have a great day! Espeon la Psychic  


*Obligatory: Before ordering, please acknowledge that the advice of a member of the Occult & Tarot reader is not meant to take the place of legal, medical, or financial advice. This is a service that is entirely for entertainment and spiritual uses & I take no responsibility for actions that occur when an individual takes my metaphysical advice over the advice of a trained professional in any respective field. Thank you.

**BONUS: I will also be adding Oracle/Psychic reading packages to my Patreon tiers! I'm cooking up the ideas right now, but soon monthly subscriptions will earn you both access to all my written works, as well as regular Tarot, Rune, and/or dream readings! Not to mention, I am always willing to help any of my more spiritual followers with advice on their individual Crafts. :) 

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