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He's the crazy punk
With the bleach-blonde hair
Sticking in every direction
And the arrogant smirk that said,
"I'm up to no good."
He does things that make us wonder
What goes on inside that head
And if he knows the meaning of pain.
Whenever he accomplishes another stunt,
We shake our heads,
Thinking he was lucky to avoid
A trip to the E.R.
I used to see him as
A thrill-seeking fool
With too much time on his hands,
Who never took life seriously—
Until one day,
He showed me a different side.
Beneath the devil-may-care exterior,
He was serious,
With the scars to prove it.
He risks everything,
Not because he can,
But for love and pride
And to see the smile on my face,
The sign that I understand.
Now I enjoy watching him
Transform a pile of dirt into golden opportunity,
Even though my heart drops
When he falls.
Nevertheless, he picks himself up
And gets a dangerous gleam
In his cerulean eyes,
Like he's in another state of mind.
While I am content to see him safe,
I look for that triumphant grin
As he rises from a dog pile of buddies.
I just stand there and say,
"You're crazy."
He waits, eyes shining,
Until I can't hide my smile
To reply, "So what?"
Then I realize
That achieving something
No one believed was humanly possible
Makes him a god among men.
Written January 2004.

I wrote this after watching Caleb Wyatt throw down the first no-handed back flip on a dirt bike on snow. They kept showing shots of his girlfriend looking very nervous in the moments leading up to this. I started thinking about what it would be like to have never followed extreme sports and then to be close to someone who did crazy stunts.

Caleb's flip happened at Winter X Games VIII. It is now Winter X Games XV. Though no longer on snow, freestyle motocross has progressed so much, and it's thanks to the crazy daredevils. It's not just FMX where the impossible is made possible every year. All the X Games sports push the limit of what is humanly possible, and twice a year, I get inspired to just do something. In this particular case, it was to write this poem.
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I love this! :D
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Sorry for the late reply, but thank you!
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