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Over It
Over It
Whatever happened
In this short time?
Where did I get
Inspiration for this rhyme?
I thought we were friends,
Thought things were cool.
I wanted to make amends
But you’d rather play the fool,
Making me the bad guy,
Talkin’ all this shit;
And now I wonder why
I used to take the hit
For us.  Friends forever
Was what I thought;
Now I’m clever
And this fight has taught
Me how two-faced
Nice people could be.
I’ve been replaced
But don’t you see
It’s no use
Beating a dead horse
So I’ll let things
Run their course.
I’m so over this drama.
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The mind is a fragile thing.
I give you a glimpse
Of transparent thoughts,
But under the pressure
You exert,
The framework shatters.
You leave me
With pieces that stick,
Shards that cut deep
And hurt more
Than the initial impact,
As I try to repair myself,
Like Humpty Dumpty
Putting himself back together—
So I discard those pieces
And forget about being whole again.
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JacQ the Space Pirate - A Sci-fi Fairy Tale
JacQ the Space Pirate – A Sci-fi Fairy Tale
Once upon a time—that is, a time after humans have discovered extraterrestrial life and colonized other planets—in a galaxy several light years away, there was a spaceship with a captain named Jacquelyn, or just “JacQ.”  When she was a young girl, she ran away from home to pursue her dream of being a space pirate.  To make money to buy her own ship, she became a mercenary and established a reputation for being a ruthless killer.  As a pirate, she managed to regain some honor, but she maintained a much-feared, mysterious reputation.  That, however, did not keep her from recruiting two members to fly with her: a pilot and a mechanic.  
One day, the three women managed to kidnap a prince named Leet Haxor, who was rather useless, save his ability to hack into any computer system, and his title, which came in handy during illegal negotiations.  After a month of holding him hostage,
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Eternally Yours
Eternally Yours
To my sweet Valentine—
Thou knowest not
The spell thou casts
Over my entire Being.
Thy molten eyes have
Me in rapture;
I yearn
For thy tantalizing touch.
A beauty rivaled
By none—but Death—
Thou haunts
My every dream
With phantasms
Of Ecstasy and Pain.
Thou hast my heart, my love—
Do what thou will with it,
For thou art my sole
Raison d’être.
I die, intoxicated,
By thy fragrant presence—
Drinking the hemlock
Of thy loveliness;
And thus I kill
My unworthy self
To be with thee
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Traveling Man series 2014: The Dreamer by Li-flower Traveling Man series 2014: The Dreamer :iconli-flower:Li-flower 0 0 Traveling Man series 2014: Josephine-esque by Li-flower Traveling Man series 2014: Josephine-esque :iconli-flower:Li-flower 1 1 Traveling Man series 2014: On the Search by Li-flower Traveling Man series 2014: On the Search :iconli-flower:Li-flower 1 0 Traveling Man series 2014: Achievement Unlocked! by Li-flower Traveling Man series 2014: Achievement Unlocked! :iconli-flower:Li-flower 0 0 Traveling Man series 2014: Freedom in Androgyny by Li-flower Traveling Man series 2014: Freedom in Androgyny :iconli-flower:Li-flower 1 0 Traveling Man series 2014: Winter's Chill by Li-flower Traveling Man series 2014: Winter's Chill :iconli-flower:Li-flower 0 2
Patron Goddess of the So-called Shallow Sluts
Patron Goddess of the So-called Shallow Sluts
We mold ourselves after her,
One who rose from the sea
Irresistible to men and gods.
She brings swans
Out of ugly ducklings,
And we, in turn,
With faces that could
Unleash an armada
Arouse war out of love.
(It’s not our fault:
She does enjoy his company.)
Some say our glamour
And multiple consorts
Hide our insecurity,
But we’re proud
Like our goddess
Of our ability to love
(And lust) freely
And our golden proportions
That we work hard to maintain
In a quest for immortality.
You may think it’s all for naught,
But it is her form,
Not one of the Nine,
That inspires artists.
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I remember that day.  It was June 23, and I was checking all the message boards I participated in.  When I came across one of the sites, the front page was black.  I read the news and couldn't believe it.  It must've been a dream.  Adam Piece couldn't have died.
My body went numb, and I was in disbelief.  Piece, I hadn't heard that name in a while (because he was just recovering from a riding accident), but it felt so familiar, probably because the freestyle motocross community is like family.  I read about how he was ejected from the passenger seat of the truck, which rolled and landed on him, and how he died from head trauma the previous night.  I read all the replies from friends and fans.  Everyone had a hard time trying to find the right words to express their feelings, and immediately, people started making tributes.  I came across a Yahoo! message board that had not received the news, and I felt that it was my du
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Mature content
Four-letter Words :iconli-flower:Li-flower 0 0

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The Goblin King's Daughter-00
The Goblin King's Daughter
By:  DemonSaya
The eyes of the court were upon him as he moved forward to stand before the dias containing the roughly hewn throne of his father.  Once upon a time, the grizzled old man had been one of the most feared rulers of the Underground.  He'd garnered power and following that had actually rivaled that of Oberon, the High King of the realm.  He had been called the High King of the Unseelie in secret.  He'd been as wise as he was ruthless, and had strategically taken over kingdom after kingdom for centuries.
However, that was long ago, before Oberon had discovered the rival and sent his most powerful weapon against them.  That weapon was the Goblin King.
He went to his knees before the man, taking an unsteady breath.  "You summoned me, King Bram," he said, keeping his voice calm and serious.
"Prince Kieran, I've a mission for you."
He frowned, lifting his face and looking at
:icondemonsaya:demonsaya 26 39
I find it very appropriate that you can no longer indicate your mood at the bottom of entries. hmm  It parallels what I'm going to talk about in this entry.  As you may have noticed, I haven't updated in 10 months.  Initially that was because life kicked me in the butt with a new day job and drama.  There were also some really amazing things mixed in, like me co-producing my first burlesque show and going to X Games Aspen AND Austin. 

The big change, however, came in the form of a pill.  I've been battling anxiety for a really long time now, and the new job revealed that counseling wasn't enough.  Therefore, I went to see a psychiatrist, and she immediately put me on a mood stabilizer.  Overall, with the exception of spontaneous yelling and altered sleep patterns, it's been great.  I don't want to burst into tears at work, and my heart isn't pounding out of my chest when I have to deal with social situations.  I still don't like them or driving, but life no longer feels like a big rollercoaster (and I don't like rollercoasters).  Another side effect has been lurking beneath the surface though.  Altermind  Stress has been such a constant in my life that at some point, I learned how to harness it.  Now I don't know what to do with myself.  Without the extreme emotions and the constant need to rush around, I am not motivated to do much.  It's worse with my sleep habits being changed.

Writing has taken the biggest hit.  I haven't written an article in a very long time, and I made up my mind to close Hibari-sensei's Classroom once I finally complete a particular post.  I'm a little bummed because I did have some things I still wanted to talk about.  However, I feel like the Japan chapter of my life has closed. I salute you!   That being said, I still would like to contribute to the Resonance Media blogs, but I want to shift my focus to To the Power of X and my creative works.  After coming back from X Games Austin last month, I felt a poem bubbling under the surface, but it's just not coming out. Argh! Stupid writer's block.  I'm not giving up though.

My psychiatrist still wants me on these particular meds, and my counselor encouraged me to take responsibility and motivate myself.  It's worked somewhat on the burlesque side of things, but I know I can do better.  Especially when it comes to writing (I forgive myself for not working on photos since Paint Shop Pro no longer works with this laptop).  Anyway, that's where I'm at right now.  I'm focusing on eating and sleeping better in hopes that it will give me more energy to feel like myself again.

Quote of the Day:

"My parents wanted to move me into high school out of sixth grade, but we decided to chuck the idea because I'd have trouble making friends, blah blah blah.  Now 'blah blah blah' is all I think about." - Veronica Sawyer, Heathers
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United States
I'm a writer for JRock247, NekoPOP, and Drama-MAX. I also run Hibari-sensei's Classroom and To the Power of X and am a contributor to Rogue Group Writing. Please check those out.

This is place for my creative writing, as well as some of my photography.

"Authors and actors and artists and such/ Never know nothing, and never know much." - Dorothy Parker


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