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Celestial Dragon

Moar dragons! This time was the turn of a chinese dragon. Since in chinese culture dragons are a celestial creature, I thought of making it blend with a starry night, as if comming from it's own constellation.

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Let me tell you a tale of a blind warrior.

Once there was a boy that lived in a monastery with all the other monks. While the monks were peaceful they were also tasked to protect the village nearby. In this village there lived a friend of the boy which was the smiths daughter. The boy lived and trained to be a man but was never allowed to get close with the smiths daughter as the monks code forbid it. And so the daughter married a handsome man from far away that one day came to their village. The boy was heartbroken but unable to change his fate. Many winters later a man brought news to the village that a war had broken out where the handsome man and the boys friend lived. The smith begged the boy to search for his daughter and created him the best sword he had ever made. With the weapon and only his bare foot the boy went on to find his friend.
But fate was not on his side as he lost his bearings in a terrible storm. A lightning struck him down nearly killing him. Weakened and permanently blinded he wandered aimlessly through the land until he came across a river where an old wounded dragon was lying. The dragon told the boy that the warriors of the invading lord had destroyed his temple, killed her friends husband and kidnapped her. The dragon tried to help but was badly wounded. They boy was devastated and told the dragon of his journey.
"I cannot see oh high dragon. How should I find my friend and defeat the lords soldiers ? My Body is strong and able but my eyes are not." said the boy to the dragon.
The dragon answered the boy: "I am the guardian of the night sky. I can see everything under the stars. I am old and my body is weak. If you give me your strength I will help you."
The boy did not see any other option and agreed to the dragons terms. And so the dragon gave the boy his sight so that he could se everything and the night sky. With the help of the dragons sight he found his friend and defeated the lords warriors.
The boys friend returned to the smith. One winter later the dragon came to the boy to take what he promised and so the stars continued to be the guides to the lost for those with a clear vision.


Took me quite a while for that one. Can't say if its any good. The celestial theme really reminds me of Ulduar in World of Warcraft :).
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Thanks for creating a story behind it, I always love to read them and you know it <3.

Hmmm... I played wow years ago, maybe like everybody else XD, but honestly, my inspiration came from chinese mythology directly, where summarizing is a loooot, it is explained their dragons are celestial creatures, that sometimes represent rivers, therefore the fish scale and the blend with the nightsky ^^.

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I know Ulduar wasn't a good reference for you or many people but it was the only one for myself :)
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Oh wow, this is so pretty!  I really adore how it appears as though the constellation is coming to life, the starry sky and swirling clouds are really wonderful to look at too!
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