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Wow!  I didn't expect such a tremendously awesome response after submitting my work to :iconthe-labyrinth-club:!  I just want to give a big "Thank You!" to everyone who added me to their watch list, commented on and faved my art.  My feedback inbox is crammed full with over 900 messages, but rest assured, even if I don't reply, I read all the comments left for me.

And in celebration of 5,000+ pageviews, I finally got around to making a RL version of Jareth's T-shirt from Labyrinth of Warcraft.  You know the one ;P.  It's available on my brand-spankin' new Zazzle account:  here!  Lots of styles are available for both men and women!
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Changement's Page 14 is almost done!  I've got all the panels coloured and I just need to do some shading.  I hope to have it all put together with the text by tomorrow evening, as this page is long overdue.  I'm aiming for tonight, but I make no promises ;)  

That said, I'm also typing up my critique of RtL's Chapter 1.  It started out short, then well... it ballooned.

Maybe with those two tasks out of the way, I can play catch-up with my comment section!
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I wanted to start out with an intro before launching into my review in earnest.  Partly because it's 2 am and I'm not done writing said review and partly because this stuff didn't fit in anywhere else but here.

After much consideration (and trying to decipher pages of quickly scribbled out, completely non-sequential angry notes), I've decided to go chapter by chapter.  Rather than regurgitate all my complaints into one epic post, that is.  

And I must warn that there will be plot spoilage ahead!  I can't satisfactorily, erm, review this book without talking plot!  Here we go!

To sum up the tangled mess that is Volume 4 is near impossible.  There are loose ends flying rampant that left me with sooooo many unanswered questions it borders on ridiculous.  But my main quibble is with the almost simultaneous eleventh-hour personal “revelations” (I use the term oh so lightly) of the main players being the deus ex machina of choice.  Nothing more than a convenient ending conjured up by a writer who couldn't write himself out of a paper bag with both ends cut off and a goblin holding a “This Way Out -->” sign.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.  Allow me to back up.

Had Jim Henson not been cremated, he'd be rolling in his grave.  I can't imagine he would have approved of what has been done to his creations.  This whole story was a swing and a miss by his namesake Company.  I know those folks had the funds to buy Mr. Forbes and Mr. Lie their own Labyrinth DVDs to watch so they wouldn't look the fools when us fans read their manga.  

And I'm not just upset over people being out of character, I'm talking about terribly basic continuity issues.  Though when the series started out with Jareth being illustrated as the wrong species (they clearly never saw the opening titles, nor Jareth flying into the house, nor Jareth  dropping Sarah back home; there's no mistaking a barn owl for a snowy owl) I should have abandoned all hope for quality control.  Not to mention both the cover artist and main illustrator got Jareth's eyes wrong, an unforgivable mistake in this fandom.  I'm sure Bowie wouldn't have minded his accurate likeness being used in this instance.

A few other mistakes of note (and that I can think of off hand) include the misspelling of Sir Didymus as Sir Didymous, and the mention of Hobbits during the teacher's meeting in Volume 2.  How the hell would any of these characters know about a fictional creature from another culture that exists in another realm?  Even if, hypothetically, they did know about Hobbits, why would they reference them?  There's got to be a more relevant Underground denizen that could have been cited.

Before I veer off on too much of a tangent here, I'm going to call it quits for the evening.  Morning.  Whatever...  My next installment will start with Volume 4, Chapter 1.
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Sorry for having dropped off the face of the planet -I know I have a terrible habit of doing that.  My new job has got me all occupied and sucked up a lot of spare time I used to be able to dedicate to my comic.  But it's still in the works, I swear!

Also, thanks to Borders not caring about Return to Labyrinth's official release date, they had it on shelves 3 days early.  I finished reading it today, and have lots to say about it.  Overall, it was a bloody disappointing cop-out.  You know how you feel all jerked around and cheated after investing time in a story only to have the writer fizzle out at the end and phone it in?  Yeah... that pretty well sums things up.

More to follow on this tomorrow, I hope, when I have more time to type.
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EDIT (7 April, 1.20 AM):  I've got my files back!  Changement de Rythme's Page 13 to be posted very soon!  I'm uploading from my slow backup laptop so there's no telling how long this is going to take.

After my latest discussion with my repair guy, I have decided it's not cost effective to resurrect my laptop.  My plan B is to do some minor repairs to an old laptop rather than buy a whole new machine right away.  When I get a steady job, I'll go back to shopping for a new computer, but until then, this will just have to work.

And the good news is that he was able to salvage my files!  My entire hard drive is being copied to a portable drive that I will get tomorrow.  That means, in theory, that I could get Changement's next page finished up by tomorrow evening.  Yay!
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