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Labyrinth of Warcraft

Why? Because it amuses me to think of Sarah rolling as a holy spec'd paladin. And I needed to draw Jareth wearing that shirt. Enjoy.

Love Jareth's shirt? Want one of your own? You got it! Head over to my Zazzle account to order it! Lots of styles are available.
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Also do not try this on a healer either. 
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What does "rez" mean?
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I was like "should I level up my paladin now or just browse Labyrinth fanart..."

Looks like I made the right choice.
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So many levels of win in this!!! :D Love it! :D
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:rofl: Priceless indeed. I bet Crowley fav'd this!
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OPMG when I saw that shirt I almost fell out of my chair laughing xD
LOVE his shirt! :-)))
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I can't anymore :D It's so epic xD
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omg! i love jareth's shirt.
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I love his shirt!
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LOL priceless!!!
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This made my day. <3 My favourite MMO and favourite film rolled into one? *Spontaneously combusts*
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I am in literal tears laughing. As a recovering WoW addict and a complete fangirl of Labyrinth, I must say I LOVE this. EPIC!!
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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Though if Sarah is tanking she would be Prot or Protection spec. ^^;;; Also...LOVE THE SHIRT HE IS WEARING! I spammed three friends with it. I think one is going to buy it.
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Yeah, I made this before I started playing a pally and realized I was mixed up about the specs. That's what I get for my main being a hunter :dohtwo:! And thanks for spamming my shirt!
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this so full of win, love it :D
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LAWLZ epic win!
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This surpasses every level of win I have experienced today. You have won 42 internetz.
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Epic win:la:
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