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Well, my assumption that it would not be forever and a day between posts of this project was, clearly, overly optimistic. This time rumours of my demise have not been overly exaggerated. I've been off radar for various and sundry reasons, but be assured I have not abandoned this project! There is much more to come.

On a side note, I envision taking this more in the direction of an illustrated fanfic piece rather than an out-and-out graphic novel so I can update the content on a regular basis. However, I will finish this portion as is. I prefer to tell a story with images rather than words (I am an art major, not an English major, after all!), though given I don't have as much time to devote to this now as in the past, I'd rather have a completed project than not.

Labyrinth and its characters belong to Jim Henson and Co. This work is fan art and not intended for actual printing or sale. I make no gain from this project other than my own satisfaction for a job well done.
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Yes...more chapters would be fantabulous