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Changement de Rythme - page 19

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Rumours of my demise have… not been overly exaggerated. Real life is an evil succubus who snatches me away to responsibilities that unfortunately usurp this project . I’ve devoted the last few months to churning out portfolio work and I needed to come up for air, so here I am.

This is actually version two of the page. I got so far as having colourd everything and when I was doing the page layout, it struck me that what I’d done looked terrible. The faces were wrong, the colour job was not my best work, the flow of the page was lacking. I scrapped what I had, started from scratch and this is much, much better. And I really didn’t intend to stick HRH in there, but he snuck in. I didn’t feel like tossing him out.

More to follow. Scout’s honour it won’t be months between this and my next update!

Labyrinth and its characters belong to Jim Henson and Co. This work is fan art and not intended for actual printing or sale. I make no gain from this project other than my own satisfaction for a job well done.
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Love the series!!! Great artwork and storyline.
Fighting-Dreamers-94's avatar
Looking forward to next page!
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i must admit this comic was a pleasant surprise, no offense to you, but i didn't think i'd like it as much as i do.....
but i can't wait to see more ^_^
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Now that I've read through all of... Wow! I'm very very very glad that you've updated to this point, and am quite curious as to what you're going to do with the story now.
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Somehow, I haven't seen any of the pages leading up to this. Might be because I'm new to dA or something... This is beautiful and compelling, and now I'm going to have to read them all!
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that is true most professors wont buy a story like that I know some one who did that and man did the professor laugh.
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Good to see an update from you.
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Thanks for not having forgotten us :hug:
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Yay! I kinda forgot you exsisted.
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