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Photoshoped version of my drawing Fairytale Ending.

Changement de rythme ("broken time"); a fencing term that means: A sudden change in the tempo of one fencer's actions, used to fool the opponent into responding at the wrong time.

The French sounds so deliciously naughty and obscene I just had to use it. That and it seems like a sneaky enough tactic to suit our dear Goblin King's devious purposes.

Now onto the requisite nitty-gritty. Despite my formatting, this project is not intended for actual publication --thus the use of a disclaimer and the watermark. I know it detracts some from the art, but paranoia compels me to do it to cover my own ass. Just in case someone decides to commandeer my work and get me in trouble, that is.

So why a graphic novel? First and foremost, I need a non-animated, 2-dimensional project to keep me (relatively) sane while working on my 3D endeavours. I'm also using this to spite a college art prof who absolutely hated my "illustration-like" imagery and graded me down because of it.

My last reason for doing this came after flipping through the Return to... manga at the bookstore. It got me thinking 'hey, I can do this!' Admittedly I originally picked it up because the cover illustration lured me in with promises of males in eyeliner and a reasonable potential for yaoi, but to no avail! No, my version doesn't contain the latter, however I will find some excuse to put Jareth in aforementioned eyeliner.

This whole plotline started off as snippets of a fan fic that will never see the light of day. Seriously, it's for the safety of the dA masses. I have no grand delusions that I've got much of a writing skill, so this was my solution to the matter. My major is in art, not comp lit!

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Labyrinth and its characters belong to Jim Henson and Co. This work is fan art and not intended for actual printing or sale. I make no gain from this project other than my own satisfaction for a job well done.
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