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The wind rises
I breathe, gently
along with the sky


Speedpaint commission for Autumn Sunrise on FA featuring their wolf character Autie. I was given a lot of creative freedom with this piece so I decided to enjoy myself with the mood :).… - Prints! - If you'd like to support me and gain insight in my work process, consider signing up here!… The full painting process in real time (6 hours of painting time)
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This is absolutely beautiful!

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The best depiction of an Anthro Fox! Wow!

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Beautiful artwork. Love the look of the character and how she's looking out into the distance. She looks very realistic
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Just looking at this makes me feel at peace Heart :sluglove: 
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really well made!
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Wish I could breath the same air as her.
Thank you for sharing.
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The detail is incredible, and it feels like a calm before the storm, very nice
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A moment of peace in the wild... that is so relaxing. Nod 
The tranquility of this deviation is truly admirable. Floating 
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You created such an amazing atmosphere in here. :D
Is it him or her?
It is just like my inner self sitting in the Green looking and wandering what is going on around me in real world. I almost can feel the wind going through my fur, tail swinging side to side in the place like that.
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Lovely atmosphere and colours!
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Woah, I love this. The lightning and the pose is amazing!
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One of the most beautiful artwork I've ever seen.
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There is not many inspiring people like you! Keep your masterpiece!
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Speedpainting?! WOW! 
It's a much higher level I ever will be on :O

It must go to my special faves, because it's so detailed, realistic and just perfect! It looks like I just saw her outside!
Very good job!
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Shocked Sherlock - Moriarty Shocked  so beautifulHeart Heart Heart  
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Such a nice detalezation of the fur.
And I really like the colors of the sky, I can almost feel the wind and thunderstorm comming~
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