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More info here!…
I've just opened for some textured bg portrait commissions!
I'll be switching to mostly flat rate this year so there will be no more hourly quotes but big extra features might add an extra fee on top. But will make sure to discuss if it's the case!

You can find more info and the pricing here:…

Make sure to also check out my ToS:

Thanks for looking! :D Let me know if you have any questions!
EDIT: Closing the slots now, thank you so much! Hope to open again soon!

Here we go!

I'm open for everything but NOT for full illustrations with large backgrounds - this means no big detailed landscapes, big architecture etc. this time. Snow, small fields, skies, fences etc. etc. are fine. If you're unsure just ask and I'll let you know if it falls within a simpler one! :)

I'm also open for BADGES as a new option, example here:…
I however won't be able to laminate/mail these, so the price is just for the digital file. Size is A5 (5.8 x 8.2 inches) at 300dpi, and the price is $90.
But in general if you see something in my gallery and would like something in similar style, I'm happy to provide a quote!

The estimated time of completion for this queue would be by late August at latest.

if you're interested in getting a slot, just email me with the following list filled to johiscomms(at) (the name can be a nickname, it's just for organising purposes!)

Paypal address:
Visual references/any other images:
Description of the idea/keywords:
Have you read and agreed to my Tos?

Commissions Terms of Service
Commissions Price Chart, hourly rate is $30
(will confirm the price with you in a reply)

Thank you so much for reading! :)
Been really busy for the past few months and been having to delay this a few times sadly, but finally opening again! This time I'll have some new options such as badges. I will have some of the experimental slots as well but since those are currently mainly what I do on my Patreon the slots will be a bit more limited. Will also have some portraits etc. available, but a very limited amount of full illustrations with large backgrounds this time, I'll try to open for more after the summer. 

Will write more info in the upcoming journal which will be sometime this Saturday (normally afternoon UK time), but if you'd like a quote in advance do feel free to email me and I'll try my best to answer quickly! Just wanted to write a little heads-up journal as I've promised to do so! :)

In other news, I failed big time with arranging con stuff this year and I missed applying for CFZ dealer's den and I was hoping to apply for EF but I couldn't do that one either this year, so sadly missed both. I did visit CFZ for a day though and had lots of fun, can't wait to hopefully do a full con next year and EF too, and trying really hard to apply to the den there! Would love to visit Germany again too.
But I just got a confirmation of one con which I'm really excited about, will be in Tracon again this September in Finland :D so if you're going see you there! 

Hope everyone's having a good early summer, been sooo looking forward to summer and glad it's here *_*

ALSO thank you all so so much for the birthday wishes on Sunday!! :heart::heart:
Hey again! I've been a bit quiet this month and late last month as I've been visiting Finland and attended NFC which was lots of fun but took lots of preparing for too.

Thought I could write about some upcoming plans I have!

I'll be opening for commissions again next month, but this time I sadly won't be opening for full illustrations. I'll have some new options available like badges though, more about that soon! :)

I've also been toying with the idea of making Patreon for quite a while now and what to add there, and I'm finally getting ready to launch it soon, in early April. I really enjoy uploading WIP images, currently mainly on my instagram, but thought Patreon would be a great site to keep it all in one place and write even more in depth-stuff of the creative process. My work will always be free to view and I'll continue uploading WIPs online, Patreon will just have plenty more with some explanations and first dibs to some things. I'd also like to share layered PSD files and high resolution images and feel it would be a great way to make these available to those interested. 
I'm aiming to keep it really affordable and hopefully pretty interesting! Will write some more info about it/show some sneak peeks shortly once I've tested it out a bit and finished writing all the info and reward ideas I have in mind :D

Expect some new art soon! :) Got a big personal painting I've been working on and hope to have it finished shortly too. (interested in some sneak peeks of that one? Check out my instagram! :D)

Hope everyone's having a nice (early) spring!
Edit: CLOSED! if you've emailed me already you're guaranteed a slot, will go through all the emails and reply shortly! Thanks so much! :)

Open for commissions!

If you're interested please have a look at my ToS and price chart, I'm available for everything on the list at the moment!

I will have a limited number of hours and the queue will be worked on November-December (possibly into January as well) so hope to finish all work by that time!

Just email me with the following list filled to johiscomms(at) (the name can be a nickname, it's just for organising!)

Paypal address:
Visual references/any other images:
Description of the idea/keywords:
Have you read and agreed to my Tos?

Commissions Terms of Service
Commissions Price Chart, hourly rate is $30
(will confirm the price with you in a reply)

Thank you so much for reading! :)
Like the title says, just a pre-emptive heads up of the date I'll be opening for more commissions for a November/December queue! I'll have all commission types available but the amount of hours will be limited. Do feel free to ask for a quote in advance via email  (it's nothing binding!) if you'd like to know a more specific price.

Commissions ToS :
Commissions Price Chart

(Note that I will only accept new commissions after I've posted the journal and I don't have a waiting list)

Thanks so much!
All the slots are filled now, thank you so much for your interest!! ❤
Will work through the queue and open for more soon!

Open for commissions now!
I have all types listed in the chart available, but I have a limited amount of hours open and will update once they're filled.

If you're interested in getting a commission, please send me an email with the following information at johiscomms(at)

Paypal address:
Visual references/any other images:
Description of the idea/keywords:
Have you read and agreed to my Tos?

Commissions Terms of Service
Commissions Price Chart, hourly rate is $30 (will confirm the price with you in a reply)

Thanks so much! :D
Just a little heads-up for people who might be interested, I'll be opening for another batch of commissions during this weekend!
Also a reminder that my hourly rate is going up to $30. And I'm able to give quotes anytime if you're interested in knowing how much something specific would be :)

Commissions ToS
Commissions Price Chart

Sorry for being quiet for a while, I've had a lot going on and been away as well but getting back to normal rhythm now.

Thank you for reading!
Hello again! I probably forgot to mention it on DA but I attended CFZ last week, and had a blast!! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped at our table to chat/buy a print or even had a look, was a great experience and everyone was so nice and friendly and saw lots of cool fursuits too oohhhh! *_* Was soooo cool meeting lots of awesome people in real life :DD thank you all for making it such a nice first furcon experience!! ♥♥

After the con I had my friends Berneri and Pyttinski over at my place for a few days until Friday, and it was my birthday on Saturday so I took the weekend off to celebrate (in other words chill cos I'm old now I mean-)

The plan of action now is to finish some longer term commission projects I've been working on, will try to stream them as well! My whole previous queue was also finished earlier, will be uploading all of those works soon :) I'm going back to Finland for the summer later this month and will be back later in July, so aiming to open for a new queue then or early August. This time I'll be deciding on a day and making a reminder submission as well - but do feel free to ask for a quote in advance anytime!
Also about commission pricing, for the next queue I'll be putting up my prices up to $30/hour. It's not a massive change but it's needed to make the rate more sustainable for myself. I've been in the process of changing this for a while now, and it will be effective from current quotes as well, unless you've got an older quote from me from when I was still working on the old queue - all quotes are valid for 6 months! Thank you for understanding! :)

I'm currently in the process of attacking my email inbox that unfortunately piled up a bit while I was preparing for the con, if you've emailed me rest assured you will get a reply soon! Apologies for the wait

But yeSSS finally getting some nice weather here too, hope everyone's having a nice summer! :D

ALSO A BIG THANK YOU for all the super lovely birthday messages !!! ;_; :heart: it really warms my heart wahhhhhhhh and I appreciate it so much, thank you again <3 I received some amazing gift art as well, will make sure to write comments on those really soon!! :glomp:
We were shown this clip in the Schoolism workshop and wanted to share! Especially the beginning and the part at around 6-7 minutes where four artists paint the same tree, with their own individual interpretation and personal response to what they see.

A very inspiring and useful video!

Anyone else going? :D just thought I'd ask, would be fun to see some DA people there too! I'm only going on Sunday though…

Oh and will be replying to comments soon etc., been doing lots during my trip and been working on drawings pretty much all of the time I've been 'off' so got some catching up to do with comments/messages etc. Will be back in action fully on the 4th! :)
Just a heads-up that tomorrow morning I'll be travelling to Finland for the Easter and to see my family and friends again! I will be taking my laptop and my tablet with me so I'll be doing work over there as well regularly but I won't be able to stream during this time on the laptop and might be a tiny bit slower responding to things in general. 

The trip shouldn't affect my workflow too much but just to let people know of my movements heh! Do feel free to contact me anytime if you need any updates on your commission etc.

Hope everyone's having a good early spring!

Also I don't think I advertised this on DA yet but I made a twitter account dedicated to commission updates (will also be posting streaming announcements there);
CLOSED for now, thanks so much everyone!! If you emailed me already and I didn't reply yet, you will definitely have a slot and will get to you really soon! (it's 10:23 PM GMT/UTC 00/London time atm so anything before that will be guaranteed for a slot :) )

Had some technical difficulties with my pc but everything is ok now so... Commissions are OPEN! Will be updating the journal when all the slots are filled. 
Estimated timeframe of completion for this round would be by late March/Early April.

You can email me to ask about a quote anytime (and you are of course not obligated to proceed with an order if you'd just like to find out how much something would be!)

Also please read my Terms of Service before emailing me (which also details the commissions process):


If you'd like to commission me, please email me at: (please do not note me here on DA, I will be only responding to commission emails)

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions!
Just writing a little update journal on the progress! 

I'm currently working my way through the list, mostly in a chronological order but creating a little buffer (working on a few at a time; once I get closer to having one finished I start on the next one)

Doing some good progress, like I said in the previous journal I'm currently aiming to have the whole queue finished by the end of November/possibly early December but will keep everyone updated!

Also for the bigger commissions I will aim to send some wip images of the progress. You're free to ask about your commission anytime as well, but please within reason (there might not be any significant process every day etc., heh)

Thanks again for everyone who ordered something! :3 and happy Halloween to people~


Opening for more soon, thank you

Commissions are now open!
Like I mentioned in the earlier journal, I now work to an hourly rate. This means that every quote is tailored to the description I'm given, so keep in mind that the price guide is rough in that sense - the price depends on the content of the image, the amount of the characters and the size of the work as well. 

I'm aiming to have these commissions done by the end of November, and if I get them done earlier than that I'll be opening for more slots. So if you see the title/content of this journal say OPEN, do feel free to email me about getting a commission done!

You can email me to ask about a quote anytime (and are of course not obligated to proceed with an order if you'd just like to find out how much something would be!)

Also please read my Terms of Service before emailing me (which also details the commissions process):


If you'd like to commission me, please email me at: 
(please do not note me, I will be only responding to emails regarding commissions!)

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions! :)
Just to write a little journal to let people know that I'll be writing a revised commission information and aim to upload that in early October once I've got some current works finished.

I'll be working to an hourly rate of $25 (USD) and will have some new examples up soon, will open for some small things such as icons (which will be flat rate), also portraits and full paintings as well - so pretty much like my latest uploads! :)

I'll be opening for a certain amount of hours regularly, but I'm always open for quotes so if you'd like to inquire how much a certain type of commission/your idea would be feel free to email me at johiscomms(at) ! (I prefer email over notes since it's easier to manage and keep track of)

If you're interested keep an eye out for the announcement journal!

Thanks for reading ♥
I'm currently on a little 'holiday', left my own laptop and drawing tools in the UK and flew over to Finland for two weeks so been offline for the most part. Going to attend a con and an artist alley here this weekend (EXCITED eeee) so just writing some info on that! Will be back in the UK next week.

Traconissa ollaan kujailemassa pöydässä 20 kokoonpanolla minä, Berneri  ja Jeniak ! Pöytäkartta löytyy täältä:
Tarjolla on kaikenlaista kivaa pientä ja isompaa matskua, mulla lähinnä vaan printtejä mutta saatan myös tehdä pieniä tilareita paikan päällä jos tulee tilaisuus :3

Tervetuloa pyörähtämään pöydällä!

(Ja tässä pieni sniikki pläjäys mun printeistä, tänä vuonna myös vähän fanarttia!)

Printit by Lhuin
Ok so an update regarding the earlier journal!
We were originally meant to move up north and during August, but our situation changed a little bit (for the better!) and we actually ended up staying in the city we're now. Or we're moving a bit further out since we could only find one place that would accept a cat and didn't have much time to search as we had a chance to end our tenancy earlier and get a refund on the last month (long story short we paid in advance and the new house is cheaper so it was better for us to get that money back). The new place is a lot smaller but quite nice so can't complain! Could have been a lot worse so we were quite lucky.

We're moving over this weekend and should be getting a new internet connection on the 29th. Can't wait to be settled down phew, need to get a few new pieces of furniture and some other little things but hopefully will be all sorted during next week.

I'll be starting doing regular commissions in August as well, I'll have a new list and commission info available soon! I'll also be switching over to an hourly rate apart from some smaller/cheaper options that will still be flat rate, I've been recording how long stuff takes me to do so I have a pretty good idea on what to charge now and it's a lot easier to organise as well :) will write more about that later too! 

In other news, me, Berneri and Jeniak got a table at the Artist Alley in Tracon X held in Tampere, Finland this upcoming September, so if you're going there come say hi!
Ehkä lähinnä suomalaisille siis tää ilmoitus mutta... :D siellä ollaan! Muita tulossa Traconiin?

That's it for now! Been a really really hectic July, been so busy packing up and doing a lot of stuff but I'm now officially graduated and done with school AHH, just seeing what the future has in store for us now but at the same time excited about a lot of things! :3 I've been really stressed over the whole moving thing so glad it's almost over at least for a while now haha