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Tutorial - Blending a Character into the BG


I originally wanted to make a video of this but never did so thought I could make it a tutorial like this.
Something I've been asked about earlier and thought I'd share it :) I always enjoy doing this part in my pictures!

Not much to say about it though here, but let me know if you have any questions or if anything's unclear. Wrote the texts pretty quickly so it might have some typos but hopefully not haha!

It works at least in photoshop, but it should work in any other programs that have a Gaussian Blur... thing or something similar at least.

Hope you like it!! :)

characters used in this are (c) to their owners!

edit: added some little things!
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Thank ya very darn tootin' much! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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This is wonderful! Thank you so much! :aww:
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I was looking about how to do these kinds of effects and it helped a lot so thanks! But some people say they don't use effects but instead they use layers of color in the type of layer, "overlay" so does that help enhance the pic too?
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Yeah you might want to try other layer settings too and see which one works the best for the image! ^^
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Oh ok, thanks!
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This is really useful! Thank you :)
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I don't have any blur tools on my software, using Android Sketchbook. Any other way?
(I might get the Photoshop app soon but it's a bit of money and I don't know if it has Gaussian Blur.
Edit: it does)
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I think there is a blur tool. I have been using the Android Sketchbook app for a while, and there is one on the Pro version. :3
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 thank you! haha i need to try this sometime..
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omg this is great
I should try doing this hhh
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Thanks for this tut♥
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This is super helpful! Thanks <3
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Thank you so much for this! I'ts so simple, yet makes such a difference :D
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Oooh that's actually pretty good! Thanks! 
Thanks! This really helped me out a lot!
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I used this with great results. Thank you!
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Why did I not think of this on my own?
Thank you c:
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That's an awesome tip !!
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Super helpful, thankyou
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Yeaah thank you! I always search how to do that! >w<
But I'm French and I don't really understand all your sentences x'D 
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Love how simplified you've made this! Nod
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