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The duel of fire and ice

By Lhuin
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A commission for Tivadu of Feuer and Eisen, representing fire and ice respectively! I've always enjoyed painting some snarlies (at school my notebook corners were full of wolf eyes and angry canines for some reason haha). The contrast of the two characters was cool to portray too! :D 
Thanks for looking!
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It's my favorite design

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Oh wow I love it. It really sucks there is no download option
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i just wanted to ask if i could use this amazing art of yours for a banner on a page called Animal Jam Clans Wiki.
it will appear at the very first part of the page and the credits will be both on top of the picture and at the very bottom of the page next to the coder. 
it's fine i can't use the art :) 

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Sighh I really hate aliexpress, my stuff is there all the time and they got a terrible DMCA system. Thanks for letting me know, I'll try have it taken down!
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I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope you can get it straightened around. That site has tons of stolen artwork on it, I've notified several artists here on DA that have the works stolen on that site. 
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Their copyright system has seemingly changed to some weird separate website where you have to upload a scan of your passport (?? not doing that!) but I've noticed that it's quite effective to just contact the sellers directly and tell them to take the work down, it's gone now!
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that's crazy! but glad you got it sorted out
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heres a tip: start doing stuff in traditional u know the world loves it:D (Big Grin) 
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u may love wolves and so do i, but i think u could start doing it with winged wolves. at least winged wolves. btw im adding this in my faves bc i just love the ways u draw
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As a German it's weird that they're representing fire and ice while their names are Feuer and Eisen, which translate to fire and IRON

was thinking the same XD kinda. im german too
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This...is outstanding....I had a dream of commanding someday Elemetals wolves! Tens to thousands of them! Would you like to see the writings I did upon that dream?
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Which programm do you use? How many time you needed to draw like this? And how many time you need for a amazing picture like this?

(Sorry for eventualy mistaces)
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This is so pretty!!! I love wolves so much
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I don't know why, but when I saw this, I didn't thought they are fighting, but that they were made to dance xD I know, I'm strange.
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what program did you use?
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This is so ducking awesome :D
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Fire and Ice... In BATTLE
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