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Sunlight snuggles

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A commission for Catamancer, this is for a supporter reward where you could get your cat drawn into the game. This painting features Catbert ‘Twitchface’ :D, such a sweet looking cat! Sadly he passed away last January but I was really happy to do this painting in his memory :)
I took some work in progress shots of the creation of this drawing in case you're interested:…

Check out Catamancer here!
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Zopheus's avatar
Aw! This is so adorableLa la la la 
Unidove's avatar
omg i want to cuddle my cat now!!!!!!!!!
suezn's avatar
Stunning!  Wow! Heart 
MilesToGoArt's avatar
Absolutely beautiful!
Lefantomdelopera's avatar
Warm kitty, soft kitty
Little ball of fur
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty
Purr, purr, purr
Victorious-Kitten's avatar
Love how this cat is winking.
WebsterArtGallery's avatar
Very lovely. Makes me want to cuddle this adorable feline baby.
DespyTheReindeer's avatar
Wertyla's avatar
He looks so much like my wonderful little kitty! You're a great artist.
JennyBelle37's avatar
this is goals holy shit
Cooper31's avatar
Brilliant Artwork!
Agent36496's avatar
The cat looks adorable and soft :aww:
ItsAllPossible's avatar
Awwwww...sweet pretty kitty!  Verry Cute pic! ;-) 
Crystal--Skies's avatar
Looks like my little sister's ridiculisly named cat, professer snugglebubble the III

But it's still awesome
Mlpfan4688's avatar
XD Professer Snugglebubble the III is an incredible name! XD
ShasyAmbart's avatar
I want it for me!!!!!!!!
syd-draws's avatar
So cute. He looks a lot like my kitty. :)
PhotosCrystalJones's avatar
Wow !!!
I love it ! Heart Heart Heart 
mockingbirdontree's avatar
This is a brilliant picture! The cat is sooo beautiful and cute!  :iconhave-anicedayplz:
Nightfall-Cats's avatar
This is...

cloudedmiinds's avatar
Okay wow, your art is so amazing!! I am simply in love with your style and technique.
The cat here looks a bit like mine, except he's more of a chubby kitty and he's more of the type to come up and sit on you, and not bounce around the house. (The other cat does that)
They have almost the same look though! My bab is missing the tip of one of his ears because of his past owners throwing outside into the cold.
*Cough* Anyway!! Keep up the AMAZING work!
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