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Light and shadow study

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A practice I made today, I drew the fox head unlit and then made all these different versions with different lighting and shadows. Was fun and I learned a lot! Was looking at a lot of different references to get them as realistic as possible and to see how the colours and values work. Each of them took about 15-30 min in total, they're not very refined but mainly just focusing on the shapes and values. I really recommend doing stuff like this, really useful and helpful!
I'm really enjoying studying and learning this kind of stuff lately!

I'll normally upload this kind of stuff on my Facebook page:… (already put some other new stuff there that's not on DA)
but thought I'd put this one here as well! :)

looks like fox tapestry/wallpaper or something haha
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This looks amazing! :clap:
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I'm so glad I came across this, I'm gathering reference on how to approach painting fox fur as I'm struggling with how to start. Thank you for posting. :)
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Could you maybe do a tutorial on how youmake that nice light?
Like, I know where the light Comes and it Looks totally shiny.. How do you do that?
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Different layer effects can help a lot :) I like using especially Hard Light, Overlay and Sof Light
Wylfen's avatar
Alright, thank you! :)
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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this is amazing!!!
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Wow, this is really wonderful!
I love how you clearly defined the light source and how
you used the green in the shadows.
This will be lots of help to other canine artists :)
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Ice-Artz I saw you struggling a bit in the stream so I saw this in my feed xD Hope this maybe helps?? :o
Ice-Artz's avatar
Thanks xD The thing is, I understand shading. I just have trouble keeping the shading consistent when animating it.
Wooden-Paws's avatar
Ahh, you can try to use the light table then, for the shading. Not seeing the animation right now is tricky, but the bigger the flames, the brighter the light, and the further away they are, the dimmer the light. You can also rely on anatomy for shading, which I saw you did do that. You can make the shading fade and become darker and maybe blend more with the darkness, which would take more time but maybe also look more pro? I'm just throwing guesses and suggestions xD
Ice-Artz's avatar
Well it's not that I don't know where the light should go xD The issue is that when I animate it the shading is super wobbly. I just gotta figure out a better technique that's more consistent.
Wooden-Paws's avatar
Ahh, I see xD Maybe you can be fast with your eraser swipes? Or try a different brush? Some of the brushes have some weird jazzy stuff to them you don't know about, like Photoshop brushes.
flamenphoenix1915's avatar
Wow! I should try this! This must be good practice. I just learned from your artwork dude! Watching!
KosmoKOYOTE's avatar
This is one of the best examples of proper lighting and the use of shadows I've seen!
This will help me to improve my own art work.Thank you!:) (Smile) 
NekohimeKagepuma's avatar
This is a really good idea. I think I'll follow your example and do some studying and practice too :)
Lhuin's avatar
Awesome! ^_^ it really helps!
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It is really lovely! Was the lighting in the pictures you referenced from also this strong? Since often when I look at pictures the lighting is not as strong as here, and it makes it hard to determine for me where the lighting should come in my drawing.
Lhuin's avatar
Late reply but yeah it wasn't that strong in all of the images i looked at, just wanted to emphasize it a bit in most of them :) the backlight ones were quite strongly lit but generally the light would probably be closest to the first one which is kinda like a normal (overcast-ish) day
natanruiz's avatar
last one is awesome. Pretty consistent. Nice work!
very good. all light seems right
TheScorpionQueen's avatar
Ooohhh it's so realistic!La la la la 
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OHH SNOOP DAWG THAT IS PRETTY Fabulous Pewdiepie Emoticon 
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