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Been wanting to make an illustration with the tapetum lucidum effect, and sudden inspiration struck me yesterday so finished this in almost one sitting haha!

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TIIn fact, foxes are the most beautiful in the works of art he

gothidgaf's avatar
Love the eyes.
Vuurstern's avatar
I love the fur and colours here so much!
TheMercenary04's avatar
nice artwork of this fox

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Re-requesting for submission and showcasing in my group.
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It's so nice to see a "darker" piece from you again : DD <333 Man it's looking sO GOOD!! :heart:
ShikiyoShirou's avatar
I love foxes and I like a lot how this drawing turned out! The furr looks soo nice :love:
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That stance adds to the feel, woah.

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Nice and awesome... love foxes
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Awesome drawing 
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Good morning, AAAAHHHHHLa la la laLa la la laLa la la laLa la la laLa la la la.     
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He gonna go FLOOF!
Oha's avatar
Absolutely beautiful <3
mechanicalvalkyrie's avatar
Love the glowing eyes, they immediately had my attention. Also, I love the way you draw fur, it looks so soft and realistic <3
Nainu's avatar
wow very nice! I like the lighting.
RennUchimada's avatar
Oooh pretty! Hello beautiful.
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hes sow dam cute

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