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Fairy Lights (+ time lapse)

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Happy Holidays!
Wanted to make a little themed illustration this year. I also recorded the process, you can find it here:…

The PSD and Hi-res will be available on my Patreon soon
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aww lil baby ^_^ love the lighting and glow details! the fur looks brilliant!

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Gorgeous! Unfortunately it came across my fb and insta in an add by some random site (displate) selling it and I figured I'd have the best luck finding the original artist here. I adore foxes this is truly wonderful art! ❤️

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This is actually being sold on Amazon (or was last year, unsure if it still is). I only know because a friend got me a hoodie from amazon with this design on it.

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I saw this on zedge is that ok?
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No, they have stolen it
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I'm sorry I used it as a wallpaper from them
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Found this for sale here, I assumed it wasn't with permission, figured I'd let you know just in case:… 
It's a beautiful piece, sorry to see it gets taken so often. :/
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Dear Lhuin,

I just spot this artwork selling here as a painting by numbers, with your sign deleted. I don't want to bother you, maybe you gave them rights, but just in case:…
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I haven't given any rights on this piece for anyone so if it's for sale somewhere it'll always be stolen. Aliexpress is a nightmare to have stuff taken down from too :c thanks for letting me know, I'll try sort it out!
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I'm sorry this is happening :( I know it well for myself. Good luck with taking it down, if I could help somehow let me know. :hug:
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Not sure if you put it up on the site or not but it popped up on Facebook for me so I thought I'd let you know just in case. It's this art as a bed quilt set.…
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Ughhhhh I've reported these people already once and seems like it's been reuploaded @@ thanks for the heads up
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Dat adorable blep tho.

LurkerMatt It you.
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HOLY :censored:in' :censored: that looks like a real fox! :faint: Off to check out that video... :sprint:
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Your shading is just to die for ;o; Such a memorable drawing
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My heart just melted; soaking it off the floor with a sponge as I type this. Seriously, those eyes. That face.
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