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Fire Emblem Awakening Meme (by LhasaApso)

After a loooooong artistic hiatus because of procrastination college, I'm uploading my first really serious attempt to draw and color people in my own style.
I'm satisfied with the result (but I still suck at coloring xD). However, I'm willing to improve in the future (after a not so long hiatus, I hope. >_< )

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Who else did you pair up?
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These were my pairings in my first playthrough for the 1st gen characters:

Chrom x Sumia (OTP), Avatar x Anna (best waifu), Lissa x Libra (blonde Owain), Sully x Stahl (meh),
Vaike x Panne (my two least favorite characters together), Miriel x Ricken (awkward age gap, but awesome Laurent),
Kellam x Tharja (Tharja was still a single near end game, so I chose the best remaining hair color for Noire),
Donnel x Cherche (imba Gerome), Lon'qu x Olivia (cute shy couple), Maribelle x Henry (best hair color for Brady),
Gaius x Cordelia (redhead family FTW), Gregor x Nowi (awkward, they seem to be the oldest people in the army, though (not considerating Tiki))
Who were your second gen pairings?
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I really liked Iñigo x Severa and Laurent x Nah.
Owain and Cynthia were funny together,  (but they were cousins in my playthrough, so it would have been awkward to pair them).
Female Morgan didn't marry anyone because I was an overprotective father. :XD:
I did Severa X Brady (They can hate life in peace together), Laurent X Cynthia (The supports were nice, and it's a good compensation because Lucina is taken) Nah X Yarne (MWAHAHA KILLER DRAGON BUNNY BABIES!!!!) Inigo X Kjelle (LITERALLY cuz filler) and Morgan X Gerome (Just cuz. BATMAN.....and the S-support was really cute)

Well, finding Luna and Lazwald pairs in Fates shouldn't be an issue for you XD
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Here's my pairings for my fir playthrough for the 1st gen characters:

Chrom x Sumia, Avatar x Miriel, Lon'qu x Lissa, Stahl x Sully, Ricken x Maribelle,
Donnel x Nowi, Gregor x Panne, Frederick x Olivia, Vaike x Cherche,
Henry x Tharja, Gaius x Cordelia
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So we had a few similar pairings.
I especially like your Lon'qu x Lissa (cute supports), Ricken x Maribelle (OTP since they appeared together and Ricken was trying to defend Maribelle),
Donnel x Nowi (one of the least awkward pairing for Nowi) and Henry x Tharja (poor Noire, though xD) pairings.
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Yeah, thank you so much. It's too bad we disagree about who the best waifu is for us. I mean for you it's Anna, while for me it's Miriel.
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Donnel as hero class good choice!
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Gaius! Severa! STAHP
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Cool. My powerhouses go like this; Donnel, Tharja, and then my character.
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Mine go: Ricken, Nah, Miriel. (And people say they suck......HA!)
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Glad to see I wasnt the only one who had my heart (and possibly my wallet) stolen by Anna at first sight :D . As for my 3 strongest units, Tied for first is Morgan (I feel proud to have virtually raised such a great unit) & Donnel the underappriciated powerhouse (yes its a tie, I just couldnt decide who was better). 2nd strongest is My Unit Touya and 3rd being Anna (even though I make the couples based on chemistry I find Anna to be a great mother statistically seeing as how she has good strength AND magic being a trickster which helps out Morgan as a Tactitian/Grandmaster) P.S. My Unit just barely exceeded Anna due to the greater choices of skills. Favorite Family: Tie Between My Family of Touya, Anna, and Morgan (who looks best with her mother's red hair in my opinion) ; Donnel, Lissa (the cutest couple in Fire Emblem in my opinion), and their somewhat dysfunctional son Owain ; And The Dysfunctional Royal Family of Chrom, Sully, Lucina, and Kjelle
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Indeed. Morgan with Anna's red hair is the cutest thing ever! :3
"Somewhat dysfunctional Owain" LOL :XD:
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In terms of personality, Morgan is #1 on my list by a landslide. Almost everytime she opens her mouth I start to smile, because I know i am going to love the next line from Morgan the Adorable Numbnut! I think my favorite phrase is "Tips and Tricks to Mindless Bliss: A Seminar by Morgan!" although, I think i recall her saying "You shall not pass!" once.
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And don't forget "The perfect panacea for the 90-pound weakling! Ambrosia to the anemic!
All in the latest thrilling installment of Morgan's Adventures in Nutrition!" Poor Brady :XD:

I also like her supports with Yarne "Let me feel up those fwuffy widdle ears...
I'm acting as an ambassador from my race to yours! ...Now let me touch 'em. Give 'em to me! Gimme... Argh"

TL;DR. Yeah, she's just too adorable. :icondawwwwplz:
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Some other quotes from Morgan I like are: “How could you steal from me? I was going to buy more books, and... and... And knock Father/Mother's (depending on your Avatar's gender) socks off when he/she saw how much I'd learned! How dare you interfere with my ploys to get attention!” The Golden Gaffe DLC pre-battle quote, “Hey, so was there anything written about me in that roster?! I kind of have amnesia, you know, so if there was, I'd love to hear it! I'm not budging till you tell me everything! Even if it's embarrassing...I have to know!” Roster Rescue DLC pre battle, “Hey, how about you halt your attack and leave these poor people alone? What would your mother say if she knew you were assaulting a beach resort?! ...Hrm. Note to self: emotional appeals appear ineffective against brigands...” Summer Scramble DLC pre battle 
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Lol, I should buy these DLC's :XD:
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It's good to see another person who pair Lon'qu with Olivia. I do that as well as they are both shy about the opposite gender, lol. :la:

I also agree with you about Excellus being fabulous. He deserves the love he never get. :c

It's hard to not get our MU not be in the top three, now that I think about it. :p
LhasaApso's avatar
Yeah, Tacticians/Grandmasters are too good to not use them. :XD:
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I loved the way you drew this meme, funny and creative!

MexioftheOnis's avatar
That last part is SO true! Donnel started out as the weakest unit then evolved into the strongest unit!
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