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elementary qtcurve 1.2

Elementary theme for qtcurve!

1.2 :
Refining a lot of widgets(exspecially qtcurve window border) modified alternative version.
***For smaragd: just copy the folder named theme to ~/.emerald and select smaragd from window decorations settings.

1.1 :
Refining various widgets,improved window border,added an aqua version,added chromium theme

1.0 :
First release but usable,for now using smaragd for window border for install go here [link]
There are 2 color schemas one that reproduces the elementary colors and another different.

How to install:
STYLE: if you don't have qtcurve,install it (search for "qtcurve" on your package manager)
download and extract the archive,open system setting - appearence - style,select qtcurve and click on configuration button,click on import and select the file .qtcurve downloaded.

COLOR SCHEME: open system settings - colors,click on import,select the .colors file downloaded.
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I want the wall :P please
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Very nice, dude!
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Con Qtcurve sei imbattibile :)
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Grazie Hombre :)
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Dell'apprezzamento ;)
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Bello,pulito, sta sta bene sul quel desktop.Bravo ...Luigi!:)
...non so che faccina mettere per dire...perfetto.
devo cominciare a rispolverare un pò di inglese per poter fare una bella descrizione come hai fatto tu...mi piace pure quella.;)
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Grazie Gian :)
Per l'inglese si è un bene conoscerlo,io mi avventuro,ma non so quanto sia corretto :P
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Nice work. I'm using this now.
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Awesome work on this! :-)
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Your very welcome Bro! ;-)
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Interesting setup...kinda good job
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Fantastic my friend! It looks very good :)
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What dock and desktop theme do you use ?
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