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Eve Qtcurve theme

0.1 :
First release,please read carefully notes here.
The pack include qtcurve file,color schema,aurorae and smaragd themes,chrome theme.
For now the menubar gradient is not implemented yet,so,if you don't use plasma menubar,check for other themes ;)

How to install:

STYLE: if you don't have qtcurve,install it (search for "qtcurve" on your package manager)
download and extract the archive,open system setting - appearence - style,select qtcurve and click on configuration button,click on import and select the file .qtcurve downloaded.

COLOR SCHEME: open system settings - colors,click on import,select the .colors file downloaded.

AURORAE THEME: copy the folder in ~/.kde/share/apps/aurorae/themes/ and restart systemsettings.

SMARAGD THEME: if you use emerald-theme-manager copy the folder in ~/.emerald/themes then select it.
If you don't use emerald-theme-manager copy all files from Eve folder and paste to .emerald/theme.
In preview you can see the shadow settings.

This theme is inspired by awesome Aaron-A-Arts theme Lifted and smaragd its based on this.

Aurorae theme is based on Air-oxygen-color by megabigbug

License : GPL v3
© 2012 - 2021 lgsalvati
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Man Thats fantastic . great Job , ill try to use them in my next desktop
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Decisamente fantastico :D
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Grazie Hombre :D
mi hai fatto ricordare che qui devo aggiungere un gradiente per il menu :p
Hombremaledicto's avatar
Sei incredibilmente ricettivo ai messaggi subliminali :D
Buono a sapersi hehe.

Figurati ;)
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Sorry for the double-comment, but I'm guessing that's still the Roboto font?
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Nope are arial.
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Nice! Can I get a link to the wallpaper?
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Thanks :)
wall is in Lifted theme,linked in description.
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Which plasma theme are you using?
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Not released yet.
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That's really nice.
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Awesome work on this theme! ;-)
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great, just the kind of thing i like, and the colorscheme's perfect. but what do you mean by b "plasma menubar"? this theme should be used with it? i ask because i notice that in the preview window you have the menubar locally..
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