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December 6, 2012
Elementary qtcurve Dark 1.1 by ~lgsalvati
Featured by neiio
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Elementary qtcurve Dark 1.1

Elementary dark theme for qtcurve!

1.1 Added smaragd theme! changes in color schemas,more light,if you want a darker version check 1.0 folder.
In preview there also settings for smaragd.

1.0 First release but appeare to be usable,please report any bug here or send me a note(dark themes have always some trouble compared to clear ones).
I suggest to use kawoken icon theme with this ( [link] ) its a nice combination.
Plasma theme in preview is a mix of various styles,if become something serious i release it :)

How to install:
STYLE: if you don't have qtcurve,install it (search for "qtcurve" on your package manager)
download and extract the archive,open system setting - appearence - style,select qtcurve and click on configuration button,click on import and select the file .qtcurve downloaded.

COLOR SCHEME: open system settings - colors,click on import,select the .colors file downloaded.

Credits :
AAron-A-Arts for beatiful emerald theme [link]

Satya164 for gtk3 theme [link]
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I'd love to try this theme, but the download link seems to be broken =[
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Wallpaper please and thank you!
Could you please tell me what font(s) you use? :)
lgsalvati's avatar
mmm its been a while.. i'm pretty sure Arial for menus/button,for borders maybe is Aller Sans.
half-left's avatar
Well done, very nice job. :)
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Hey! I love it! and.. I'm so happy for you! :icontimmy64plz:
Congratulations my friend! :thumbsup:
lgsalvati's avatar
Paz-1's avatar
You're most welcome! :nod:
CharsiBevda's avatar
Brilliant dark style bro :D
lgsalvati's avatar
Nittiyh's avatar
Awesome theme and congrats on the DD ;)
OtisBee's avatar
Ah, just the way i like it. :nod:
if i'd use linux, then i'd definitely use this and i would never change it back for anything. EVER!
so well done. :clap:

my congrats on the DD. :thumbsup: :lol:
lgsalvati's avatar
Many many thanks :)
Well,maybe you must try linux,if you love customization,you'll love it ;)
OtisBee's avatar
you know, having switched from windows to mac few years ago i really do miss the customizing sometimes. in mac you can change the icons and the wallpaper and that's just about it. it's admittedly a nice OS, but for a customizer the limitations definitely require some getting used to. :nod:

but hey, since i can run virtual machines as well, maybe i should consider installing a linux distro, too. anything you'd recommend to a newb? perhaps something that more or less works just out of the box without me needing to know all the commands like "mount" etc.?

i heard that ubuntu is quite nice, but then again i don't know the slightest bit about it. haha, i need something that doesn't frustrate me, so that i won't uninstall it right after a few hours, you know. but still something with a pleasant learning curve to keep me entertained.

yeah well, that's probably too specific and too much to ask, i guess. but if by any coincidence you have just the right linux version in mind for me, then i'd very much appreciate your recommendation.

thanks. :D
lgsalvati's avatar
umh maybe linux mint is good for you(not bore you with the details here :P) download mate edition.

For mac osx are you sure that there is no change to made themes? i see a lot of customized osx styles here on DA.

Anyway feel free to send me a note if you need help :)
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Nice to see this as a daily deviation !
and an interface art compatible with my Kubuntu desktop :)
Efficient black theme. i'll try it = )
lgsalvati's avatar
Thanks :)
i made also a clear version(more usable in the long) [link]?
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