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Acqua 2.1

Qtcurve theme based on "agua" preset,color schema included.
Graphite version here [link]

Please read changelog before using.

26/03/2013 2.1:
Refined qtcurve, the theme now work also with qtcurve windows decoration and without a panel menubar,two emerald themes included.

20/03/2013 2.0:
Total restyling for this theme,added smaragd theme and it depends from that,qtcurve border are not present for now. i don't know if works fine without menubar on top panel.

02/10/2012 1.2:
Changes to toolbar,menubar and titlebar gradients,scrollbar and sliders updated,now is a very similar aqua experience for qtcurve.
This version is closely related to color schema,so if you want modify it or use other,use 1.1 or modify toolbar gradient properly.

26/09/2012, 1.1 :
More fast,several changes to widgets,solved some issue with gtk2 apps,added a chrome/chromium theme!

How to install:

STYLE: if you don't have qtcurve,install it (search for "qtcurve" on your package manager)
download and extract the archive,open system setting - appearence - style,select qtcurve and click on configuration button,click on import and select the file .qtcurve downloaded.

COLOR SCHEME: open system settings - colors,click on import,select the .colors file downloaded.

WINDOW BORDER: install with emerald-theme-manager and select in systemsettings,alternatively copy the content to ~/.emerald/theme and select in ss.

2.0: todo
1.1 :
[link] just click on install
for scrollbars style:

Special Thanks
goes to :iconcharsibevda: this work is strongly inspired to his gnome shots

Credits to
:icondg09: smaragd is based on [link]
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Very pleasing to my eye. Thanks for sharing :thanks:
The toolbar icons I guess it's Faenza, what is the font?
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Always a pleasure :)
Icons are potenza,you can find on kde-look.
Fonts was arial in previous shot,here is lato fonts.
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Grandissimo!! Non vedo l'ora di provarlo su archlinux.. Grazie!
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Really good, and thanks for the shout out :handshake:
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was the least ;)
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many thanks buddy :)
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how did you change the panel background?
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It is part of plasma theme,the file is panel-background.svg in folder /home/your_name/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/theme_name/widgets :)
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Cool, thanks!
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Very well done, congrats.
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Wow this looks stunning my friend! Awesome job! ;-)
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Your very welcome mate. :-)
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