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Zodihavoc: HohChia, cherry blossom chef

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Published: September 15, 2016
Hoh is a well known chef who felt limited by her tools, for all things made by mortal hands only meteorite ladle and wok could withstand her flame breath. Her journey to the Celestial Realm is to seek the Imperial Kitchen's tool cupboard, to see if she can finally unleash an elusive, full-potential 'wok hei'. She's no fighter so her stance and form are awfully gangly, but in place of that she quickly whips up food so good it hurts.

Her Ultra 'Buddha Jumps Over Wall' is an unblockable summon that encases the opponent in a giant clay pot filled with luxurious ingredients and are stewed together in mingling deliciousness. (amount of Stomach filled depends on the combo-raising button-mashing )

Had a cherry blossom noodle dragon design lying around, figured I'd give it more life and screentime.

I have this ridiculous game mechanic running in my mind, playing as Hoh would include an extra 'Stomach' bar under the opponent's lifebar, that fills up everytime the opponent is hit with food. Wok and Ladle hits are jabs that don't hurt much, the damage dealers will be food and for food to remove HP feels... poisonous?

So instead of KO, a Stomach-filled enemy will finish the round with 'STUFFED' instead.

FUN FACT: The bag of holding is designed after the one used by Wukong at the Emperor's Banquet, from the 1961 Uproar in Heaven animated movie.

ETA: I'm gonna take a second look at her mane color after sleeping on it. Not really digging the yellow.
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ElisAnimationStudent Filmographer
Adorable-looking draggy!
bubbles46853's avatar
Such a pretty girl!!
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LSDolphinHobbyist Digital Artist
"Food so good it hurts" is an AMAZING weapon to give a nonfighter character in a fighting game, 10/10.
TheDemonskunk's avatar
TheDemonskunkProfessional Digital Artist
AAAA, this character is too dang cute!
Evodolka's avatar
EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
the idea of a dragon being a chef rather than a super being is pretty refreshing :D
DoobyDoo142's avatar
DoobyDoo142Hobbyist Photographer
i want a fighting game with all these characters in it!!!  i would throw all my money at it..  LOVE your work :D
FRAT-RAT's avatar
FRAT-RATHobbyist Digital Artist
HER MOUSTACHE absolutely precious < 3
yournamehere8888's avatar
This one has to be my favourite by far. The food idea plus this almost quirky fighter amongst phoenixes and undead dogs and trained warriors is just impecable.
If I was to make a comparison, I imagine her as something of the yoshimitsu of the cast.
wolfian's avatar
Great character, I'd totally play a game with her in it!
Tektalox's avatar
TektaloxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Like this one a lot. The character looks so cute and playful. I like how feminine she looks despite the sideburns and moustache, and I think blonde works good as her hair color. And I really enjoy the curving lines, HohChi's poses looks so beautifully dynamic despite her being gangly.
El-Jorro's avatar
Is there a backstory?
Paulina06's avatar
OMG she is so pretty! :iconprettyplz:
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mytherbaleStudent Digital Artist
amazing ^v^
arenhaus's avatar
arenhausProfessional General Artist
Bravo. Finally something original in the old tired genre. :)
Coppercheetah's avatar
I like the concept! This playstyle is all about evasion and then skillful delivery rather than close-and-hose buttom-mashing tactics. I also like the unique "stomach" bar mechanic, though may I suggest that feeding the opponent does not do damage, but fills the Stomach bar--and the fuller the stomach bar is, the slower the opponent moves. (After all, you do tend to slow down on a full stomach.) By the time Stomach bar is full, the opponent is moving at half-speed. I think a lot of people would play Hoh just to leave the opponent waddling around stuffed and helpless.
As for the hair color--since this is cherry blossoms, use tree bark's color? I think a leafy green would be too much of a clash.
talikira's avatar
talikiraProfessional Digital Artist
Aaa the movesets look amazing! Very active and full of life, great ideas too.
ludic7's avatar
amazing concept. Very creative indeed!
DukeMarazh180's avatar
this was the last thing I was expecting from a dragon but at the same time its a refreshing take on it
GToons-Inc's avatar
GToons-IncStudent Digital Artist
Great Job!
TheCrowBot's avatar
TheCrowBotHobbyist General Artist
why do I feel like she'd be a good classic video game character
Mick-o-Maikeru's avatar
Mick-o-MaikeruStudent Digital Artist
 Creative. When I heard the next character was a dragon, I never expected it to turn out like this. I am pleasantly surprised. 
 Keep up the good work!
Ronin-DeVamas's avatar
Ronin-DeVamasHobbyist General Artist
Oh my God, I love EVERYTHING about this character! :la: :heart:
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