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Character  Velocity
Long time watcher, first time prize donator.

These are of Velocity, the mascot, interpreted as a feathered raptor, in costume. There's Velocity as a Hunter, with an assortment of bosses in the coat tails. Had a bit of time before I had to ship it all out and quickly whipped up another of Velocity as the Doomslayer. Both for their respective runs, and a lot messier looking up-close

Gel ink on cardstock, 37.5 x 27.5cm

Too big for my scanner and couldn't join the parts easily, the scanner has a slight skew towards the end of the scanhead tracks. So nothing lined up, will just have to do with potato-grade phone camera.
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These are wonderful!

Love how the wrappings on the saw cleaver and the coat show the bosses in them.

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This reminds me of art I'd see in the Palladium Rifts books.

NamelessNuthyng's avatar

Truly spectacular work. I particularly love the "Bloodborne" bosses on the Hunter's coat.

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do you have other accounts in other site?