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Sonic Cranked: Freedom Fighters

Some of them anywhoo.

Bunnie was prepped and amputated but was rescued before receiving implants, so she gets around in an exo suit. Amy is one of the few pristine Mobians, who swings a mean powered hammer. Both their gears are cobbled together from Eggbot parts, hence the red pieces.

Cream has a prototype neural transmitter that controls a lump of polymorphic alloy, shaped often times like a small squishy metal friend named Cheese.

If Cheese is considered a character, this makes a round 4.

This project has been made possible with the long support of Patreon.
And that's about it for this project. It's been years and I'd like to move on to redesigning other nostalgic trips.

Scratch / Grounder:
Doctor Robotnik:
Rouge / Knuckles:
Sonic / Tails:

Earlier redesigns will be updated to harmonize the whole set. I've switched some 3 monitors over years, there's a noticable color harshness I want to smooth out.
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RealRemainder's avatar

Again, AMAZING! I want to watch this reboot!

Richforce's avatar

This has been a nice series reminds me of Transformers: Beast Machines.

SpeculaTimsauru5's avatar
Well, it was good while it lasted.
Amazing work here pal. You really out did yourself with this one. :)
cs1Iridescent's avatar

The liquid metal Chao is a stroke of genius.

Do you think you'd ever revisit this project in the future?

steam-dieselpunkpunk's avatar

Love Bunnie's design it has a sorta old clunky design that still holds up

IchorData's avatar
These are amazing.
Sibilant-Whisper's avatar

These designs are amazing, dope to look over!

webkilla's avatar
You managed to make Amy look genuinly impressive. Wow
TiraArts's avatar
This is a fantastic take on the those characters.  Well done!
Roxlyde-Art's avatar
That is an awesome design on the left!! Those are the kind of badass cybernetics I wish I saw more often!
dth1971's avatar
Will there be a Sonic Cranked version of Sally Acorn?
No, this project is over.
sondash300's avatar
can't wait to see blaze
No more, project over.
sondash300's avatar
aww. oh well. great art regardless :)
ArtistNV's avatar
Sonic and the gang if they got their own version of “Scooby Apocalypse”.
JeremiahFoxx's avatar
I like the idea of Cheese being a mass of metal that can turn into weapons, that's pretty clever
Spartan-2ar's avatar
since when did Cream have a bat with a nail in it.
MiniDragonfly's avatar
I think that's Cheese shapeshifted into a bat with a nail in it.
Monseo's avatar
SuperHurricane's avatar
So neither Bunnie or Cream have flight abilities then?
Jinshin's avatar
I'm loving your style and approach. Would love to see your take on Star Fox! 
Sp4c3Ch1nch1ll4's avatar
I really like this version of Cream. X3
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