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Skippy Soowipsoot

Soowipsoot, or Sue, is an avian-type alien, a member of the Birds Of Prey. The clan banner is a scimitar with accents that shape it like a feather, and a star near the handle.

BOPs are known for their hooked weaponry, Sue's is a combination of fighting knife, grappling hook, and superheated hull-cutter. All the boarding, commandeering and raiding essentials.

Sue's lucky hat is a modified bicorn with a piece of first ship succesfully raided, and ends in ringed strips. Authority in the front, grog party in the back.

I enjoy creating new stuff, it's been quite a while since I exercised my brain.

It looks and feels like a very traditional pirate because if I have to spend time explaining why it's pirate-y, then I failed as a designer. yet i hope i've taken it far enough that it looks interesting.

could be fancier but i sat on this for too long. When i decided to, got only a few days to throw something together.

EDIT 191030: did some cleaning and touchups
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Before reading the description - I didn't even get as far as trying to figure out if it was a pirate, I was mesmerized by the dynamic pose and also found the bird-like species (alien you say?) very interesting! Love the original take on it like the details on the beak/eyes :) Very cool.
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Very original and unusual style
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Piratical and interesting!
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Good morning, Sue Look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
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