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God of War - Wepwawet

Character  Kratos (God of War)
In Beard of War, a tatty mural corner shows the Asahina crest and Eye of Horus. Feudal Japan is a bit overdone, so I toyed with the idea of GOW Egypt, having vaguely read long ago about Wepwawet who is pale and a sort-of war deity.

In this speculative idea, a forgotten god carries a vengeful grudge, painted in the blood of a fallen villager, and his arms wrapped in funerary gauze instead of binding chains.

Finished Doggo of War in 2018 but it lacked context, so in 2019 I came up with a comic intro. Only found time to finish it recently.

The panels' staging looks weird because I opened space for text, but couldn't write anything good, so I left it all silent.
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This game could work as a indie game!

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Reminds me of a game I'm planning with a guy named Tcrakman that has you playing as a character inspired by the Minions of Set from Samurai Jack. (They're my favorite characters in the show!) Here's some pixel art of the protagonist by Tcrakman.

MinionPixelArt Fire 3000%
Minion of Set protagonist running
A new spin on a concept and with researched ideas, I respect that. Keep being awesome. :)
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I would say that any God of War set in Egypt would need to go in a very different direction than the original Greek trilogy or the new Norse games. Mainly because the Egyptian gods weren’t all complete asses and have several tales where they are taking active part in protecting the world and the people therein. Kratos could end up facing down the armies of Set and Apep, sure, but then he wouldn’t have anywhere else to go in the story.

I also think it makes sense for the Egyptian God of War to be a local god because the last time a foreign god came around, their Egyptian asses were thoroughly kicked.

Maybe he could fight Apophis/Apep, the chaos snake always seeking to eat the sun/world. Maybe a few chosen fallen Pharos or even Seth.
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Yeah, imagine being the seat of power in a glorious empire having a pantheon thousands strong, only for a dirty shepherd to come through your gates and his God deliver you the biggest L in memory.

And I agree. Like Mimir said: "It's complicated."
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Honestly a God of War in ancient Egypt would be awesome!

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