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COTLI coloring sheets

Howsabout something to do whilst sheltering in place?

Crusaders of the Lost Idols is an old idle game I've recently revisited again. Whole lot more characters since I first checked it out some years ago.

On the left is Biff the Magic Rabbit from a recent Easter themed event.
On the right is Gloria the Good Witch, more of my usual lineart detail level, just cleaner.

Download line high res here, should be big enough for print:

Feel free to post your coloring to your gallery, just link back to this.

Further character info:
- crusaders-of-the-lost-idols.fa…

Other references and details you might have to nose around the Wiki or ask in their reddit.

Have fun!
Also, the game has its own official coloring sheets:…

DISCLAIMER: This is just fanwork, I'm not affiliated with Codename Entertainment.
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Wow even that carrot got huge ass muscles.
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Good morning, Cool!!!.