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A TERF is a trans exclusionary radical feminist. Nasty people.
Private request.
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Terfs can go die in a fire

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I remember a TERF praising Elizabeth Holmes (CEO of Theranos) and calling her a "girlboss". Even when it was proven that she was a bitch who abused others and was a manipulator.

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fuck terfs

all my homies hate terfs

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What do you mean by "jewish plan"??? 
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Also please don't call me a "he", i feel uncomfortable begin called like that, call me a "they"
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Umm... I'm actually jewish and so are a big part of my family but okay, i can confirm that we actually have no plans, people just exist and we should be tolerant to them, gay and trans people aren't hurting anybody
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Uhhh, religion has nothing to do with someone's gender, sure, the Torá said some stuff about gay and trans people, but they did the same about eating pork and sea food, but we have to take some context of when it was written, it was written in a time where Israel was only a small village in a desert, with only a few people, and people needed to reproduce, and with pork and sea food, it was to prevent people from dying, since there was no place to refrigerate both of those things, and since it was in a desert, it was pretty hot so both pork and sea food can get rotten fastly in that weather, and eating rotten pork or sea food can get really serious healthy issues, not as serious in this times, but really serious in those
I know a lot of people who go to the synagogue with me and some of them aren't cis, we respect them, because one of the only rules in judaism is to respect others, we are very respectful and pacific religion, and we know that religion doesn't define our identity, seems like you are the goyim one here considering that you don't know anything about our history or how we treat eachother, and let me tell you, as a jewish person, i can confirm that i can be trans AND jewish and nothing will change, because we are open minded to these topics and nothing will change that

Stop talking to others like you know more about what they are than themselves, when you aren't even that thing that you are claiming you know about, that only makes you look like someone with a huge unhealthy ego, we don't have plans related to the LGBTQ+ community, people just exist and so do tolerant people, and it seems like tolerance is something you should learn... 
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Lovely stamp UuU Thank you for making it
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"A TERF is a trans-exclusionary radical feminist. Smart people."

Fixed it for you.

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uh oh :( looks like you're too stupid to spell "stupid people" right :( so sad :(thanks for getting banned btw

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honestly, i'm glad you got your ass banned

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Dunning-Crueger effect.
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Shut your motherfucking trap. You're a liar and a transphobic fuck. Not to mention a dumbass.

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