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Gnomish Ancient Guardian by DasGnomo
Warlords of Draenor by itzaspace
Sylvanas Windrunner by amherman
A walk in the forest by elementalearthtiger
Mage world of warcraft by Beriaru

Mature Content

Death Knight by Beriaru

Mature Content

Sisters by Beriaru
Blackhand by TheVizardx
3D Art and Sculpts
Worgen Warrior by JohnWulffe
Veilwing by JohnWulffe
Commission #7 Mathilan of Carthan by Letyra
Commission #6 Seduced by the Venthyr Angle B by Letyra
Drawings - Digital Art
Dolly and Dot are my best fwiends! by LN1991
[Sketch] Stealth by SerpentisIctus
Commission - Mindse by WolfenmondArt
Ysera the Dreamer by Alinery
Signatures Templates
WoW: Battle of Dazar'alor by RejPiekielnyGrabarz
Uckkqt signature by casualstormtrooper
Atomwarri signature by casualstormtrooper
World of Warcraft Signature Pack 2015 vol.1 by casualstormtrooper
Blood Elf Paladin - Warcraft Cosplay by Dragunova-Cosplay
Blood Elf Paladin - Warcraft Cosplay by Dragunova-Cosplay
Hyrate - Embu concept art by Embuprod
WoW - Faceclaim Edits by SpicePrincess
Comics n Fanfictions
Born of the Frost - Prologue page 2 by Judynator-aka-Noxia
Born of the Frost - Prologue page 1 by Judynator-aka-Noxia
Siege of Gilneas part 5 - by Google Translate by PedroSilvaCompany
Siege of Gilneas part 4 - by Google Translate by PedroSilvaCompany
Original Characters
The Fourth War by Rakshemau
Portrait Elf commision by GanbaruGriff
Animated commission by WingOfWind
Yllort and Zogran cross stitch Magic by Damera6
OCs and NPCs
Commission - Warcraft by AmavaArts
Uther Lightbringer(Shadowlands Afterlives:Bastion) by eirinip5
COMMISSION - Ethineyn Nesoen Bloodsorrow by AmavaArts
Redhead by AnsaellArt
Tyrande Whisperwind | World of Warcraft by aimerline
Lash'rael Duskmere [Commission] by Coffeeandbiscuits
Raisat (Request) | World of Warcraft by aimerline
Anduin by Gihellcy-Bleizdu
Sylvanas (High Elf Ranger)| World of Warcraft by aimerline
Traditionell Art
Vulpera Esia by Rakshemau
Thank you for this gift by snip105
Other Stuff
Pink Nightflies cross stitch by Damera6
NSFW 18+ only

Mature Content

Kiss in Silvermoon by Ch3rrydwen
Warcraft stuff NOT WoW
Arthas WANTS you by Gelorum


Elisa by Lintuworks Elisa :iconlintuworks:Lintuworks 30 0 Taurian Druid by GorillaSketch Taurian Druid :icongorillasketch:GorillaSketch 46 4 Feffi and Chromie Romance Card by gravity-zero Feffi and Chromie Romance Card :icongravity-zero:gravity-zero 138 3 Brann Bronzebeard by Gwennet Brann Bronzebeard :icongwennet:Gwennet 23 0 Ysera by BrassDragon Ysera :iconbrassdragon:BrassDragon 376 31 Commission Livs Bloodelf by DavidSondered Commission Livs Bloodelf :icondavidsondered:DavidSondered 287 7 Blessing of Fertility [Cover] by Gisarts Blessing of Fertility [Cover] :icongisarts:Gisarts 45 0 Firelord Jinyan by Howl-Of-Cerberus Firelord Jinyan :iconhowl-of-cerberus:Howl-Of-Cerberus 3 0 Sylvanas Windrunner - WOW by FrancisLugfran Sylvanas Windrunner - WOW :iconfrancislugfran:FrancisLugfran 533 84 First taste by missVarlou First taste :iconmissvarlou:missVarlou 19 7 Ukraine by missVarlou Ukraine :iconmissvarlou:missVarlou 57 20 Lor'themar by missVarlou Lor'themar :iconmissvarlou:missVarlou 50 17 Set in stone ID by missVarlou Set in stone ID :iconmissvarlou:missVarlou 6 0 My panda ID by missVarlou My panda ID :iconmissvarlou:missVarlou 10 4 Free Hugs by missVarlou Free Hugs :iconmissvarlou:missVarlou 21 18 Consort by missVarlou Consort :iconmissvarlou:missVarlou 246 56

Welcome to the LF-World of Warcraft-Group Page!

Just starting.... feel free to suggest anything you want!

Also! You are now able to
submit to the Folders of the Group!
Just making sure, to tell you the new Rules,
for submitting & the ordinary things:

:bulletblue: Please submitt your art, wallpaper,
fanfictions, etc. to the RIGHT folders~ (there is now an NSFW folder for any content either labeled as "mature" for sexual content and/or having sexual content censored)

:bulletblue: No harassing! I don't think,
that any of DA's groups like that.

:bulletblue: And at all, have fun~ We'd appreciate it ♥


Wallpapers to the Wallpaper-folder, 3D Art to the 3DArt-Folder, Digital & TraditionalArt to their folders and etc. The Featured Folder is for Founder, Co-Founders and Contributers~







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[ADOPT | OPEN] ORC adopt [world of warcraft] by Ironpun  
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WoW zine | preorder by W-O-T-A-N
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How can I submit new image to NSFW folder? Since I didn't see that folder in the list?
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Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience. The issue should be resolved now. Please feel free to let me know if it is not.

Thank you, have a wonderful day.

Throm'ka/King's honor (depending on your preferred faction)
dragonriderabens Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2019
Not sure what is going on with that. This is the first group I’ve managed, and I’m still working on learning all the ins and outs, but I will look into ASAP. I will get back to you as soon as I figure out what is going on.
I apologize for the inconvenience. ^^;
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