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2) No, seriously: STOP! FUCKING! THANK! ME! FOR! THE! FAVES!
3) I'll repeat. NEVER EVER THANK ME for the faves STOP! FUCKING! THANK! ME! FOR! THE! FAVES!
4) NO doubling request messages on my posts. I won't help you in this case. All you get is perma-ban and spam notified angry admins.
5) You allowed to post only ONE request message on one game. NO MORE! I won't miss it.
6) I repeat, requests like "dud help mi poting madel plez" will be removed and you'll be banned with DA admins notified of spam.
7) If your deviant gallery is empty, it means you are spammer and I will block you
8) If your username is letters/numbers only, it means you are spammer and I will block you.
9) If you have just registered and immediately started following me, it means you are spammer and I will block you.
10) If your real name plate is empty, it is likely means you are spammer and I will block you.
11) If all this criteria at once and your place set in Eastern Asia (China/Japan/Whatsnot), it means you are spammer and I will block you.
12) And the main, MOST important rule here: STOP! FUCKING! THANK! ME! FOR! THE! FAVES!

Let's be people.
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This guy seems so cold man,lmao. Like no emotions . Short, cold responses too. But I love your work and dedication. One thing I do agree with you though 100% on is those people who come out of the shadows to ask about model requests. That shit is not cool guys. He can swear all he wants but he is right about that one. Let him work how he wants to.

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This is a one time ask, don't worry. =P

I'm wondering if you can try to port up some models

from the Dead Island series. Take as much time as you need. ^^

Only wanted to see the survivors, so it shouldn't be anything bad.

Logan Carter, Purna, Sam.B, Xian Mei, John Morgon (From Dead Island Riptide)

and pretty much whoever and whatever, it's up to you. XD

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No, sorry. I don't know how to work with that engine.

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Oh it's okay. =(

Deepsilver seem to find their ways to stopping people from rigging, huh?

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No. It's just I'm suck at.

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You don't suck mate, it's just new to you, that's all.

Just take your time into it, and maybe things'll work out. ^^

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I'm here 8 years, mate. Don't you think it was enough time to learn? When I suck, I suck.

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I already understand that

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Did i request you something before? If not i will ask when you are ready ;)
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I don't think so. At least I can't find any saved notes from you. Yet again, there are so many people asking me to do something and I have so little free time lately, that I can mistake.
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You can do it when you are free i don´t have no rush on anyone. I wish i could see models from being ported in to xna, i don´t know if someone already made it in the first place. Thank you. ;)
And thanks for all your port releases it help me a lot to get what i need. 
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Is it okay to thank you for the hard work of porting the models you have already ported or would that be considered spam as well? 
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No. That's okay. Thanking someone for the work he's/she's done is right thing to do. Thanking for one pressed button is stupid. Monkey can press a button.
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Ah good. Because I do understand that porting models can take a lot of work. I am not computer savy so I have zero-ideas how to do it myself. I really do appreciate what you do!
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Jesus Christ, you have anger issues.
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Only if someone tries to anger me. Otherwise I'm white and fluffy.
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I dunno man, I mean... there are more important things to get angry about in this world. You gotta pick and choose your battles, you know? And it's not like people are trying to be mean and saying "Well this guy said not to thank them so I'll *specifically* do it to be an ass", they're trying to be polite and say thank you. You like their stuff, of course people are going to be grateful for that.
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Most of them are. I mean, when someone asks you not to do something and you doing it anyway, then who are you if not an ass?
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You REALLY think absolutely everybody reads, understands, and then does it on purpose? I work retail, trust me, nobody reads shit. I guarantee you it's not being done maliciously. Seriously.
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Well, it's not my problem, isn't it? You're either reading things and do what you asked, or you're an ass. It's as simple as that. Also I've had all the comments in comment section like "DON'T THANK ME FOR THE FAVES. PERIOD!". Like then of them at once. All of them featured. You're simply can't miss them at this point. But no, people still do it. 99 percent of them I've never faved. Are you still thinking it's not malicions?
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Yes, I do think that. People simply are oblivious and stupid.

I have seen cashiers at my grocery store whose lines are obviously closed and they're just taking through the last people before leaving. People will go up to them and the cashier has to tell them they are not taking any more people. Are they doing that on purpose? No, they're just oblivious and not paying attention. It's the same thing.

As I stated, you have anger issues because this is not worth getting frothing mad over.
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Oh! so this is the place to thank you for the faves, gotcha!
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