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Dune - Ride the sandworm

My first digital painting, inspired by a novel of Frank Herbert named DUNE.

(no pen tablet)

Click download to see the full size ;)
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Jan 7, 2004, 4:57:38 PM
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This looks really awesome . Could be a tribute to the original sand-rider.
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what a great idea.... beautiful work
Well done, thats the size I always imagined the great worm would be
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That's actually much too small to be a sand worm of Dune. A baby one, to be sure. The sand worms of Arrakis can eat a harvester in one gulp. A harvester has a crew of almost 30. That thing's mouth isn't large enough for two men. Much less thirty and the giant machine they rode in on.
Good point. Its a worm, just not an adult. It was always a bit of a stretch for me to believe the fremen could ride the giant makers using the hooks
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You know, I've wondered that too. How can something large enough to eat a Spice Harvester have its scales peeled back by a person with a hook? You'd think the scales would be much too heavy for them.
I agree. The worm would be too large to even care its scale was pulled back a few inches even if it was possible. I loved the book but the Fremen just cound not tame the adult makers.
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Ah yes, but with all of the other amazing things Frank Herbert put into that book, we must overlook such a small error.

Or maybe, there's something we're missing?

(Dun dun DUUN!)
It was a minor detail and the whole concept of how it was done was a bit vague. It was just always a bit of a stretch for me. Not an error
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I think it's likely that the Fremen spent hundreds of thousands of years riding the worms, to the point where they might have shared some sort of psychic link with the worms. The book is very clear that psychic potential exists within the setting, so who's to say that the Fremen don't have some sort of mental link with the worms? If that were the case, the hooks would merely be for holding onto the worm, or possibly a way for the worm to know one of the Fremen were there.

As Uber says, the actual method of maker-riding was left pretty vague. There are many possible explanations as to how the riding is possible, though few of the plausible ones directly involve the hooks as anything but ways of hanging onto the worm.
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Rides such a small worm. What a rookie.
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Nice! The first 3 books are the best.
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I thought the books stopped being worth reading after the first. Second and on are awful. Though I do like the prequel books (so far) by his son.
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awesome, I like the game
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.....It looks like a freaking dick. l:
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exaactly as my mind when I read the book!!
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Love the many moons.
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That is an extremely small sandworm. About the size of one they would use for the making of the water they use for preseisnce(spelled wrong).
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And I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought that!
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Yeah, that worm looks a bit small to be able to support his weight. A baby one, the ones used for creating the Water of Life, can be held down rather easily by just two people, so I doubt a worm that small could support his weight.

It's still a nice picture, though.
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2 things. It would be more epic if he was not holding the knife out, and I always imagined the worms with really hard rings.
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