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Battlefield earth

Inspired by "Battlefield Earth", a L.Ron Hubbard's book.
"In the year 3000, Earth is ruled by the Psyclos, a vicious alien race of which Terl is a member, that has laid waste to the planet, killed the majority of the population, and stripped Earth of its valuable resources. Pockets of resistance remain among the surviving humans; Jonnie "Goodboy" Tyler is one such rebel, living in hiding in the mountains near Boulder, CO. Eventually, Johnny begins organizing like-minded humans for a final stand against the Psyclos."

7-8 hrs on photoshop
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"While you're still learning how to SPELL YOUR NAME!! I was TRAINED, to Conquer GALAXIES!!"

Oh god how this movie was made!? it was awful.
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Great Artwork, 
Terrible Movie 
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hey i have an idea lets just use all the dutch angles ever in the world ever
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While you were still learning how to SPELL YOUR NAME....I....was being trained....TO CONQUER GALAXIES!
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Nice rendering. I'm reading the book now. Pretty decent.
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This drawing is better than the movie
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Great book, awful movie.
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the book is awesome but i hated the movie
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Very GOOD Book 36 pages to go!!!!!!!
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