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Steampunk Atlantis

By Leyna-art
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"Archival photograph from the Atlantis expedition of 1907."

For an AU prompt challenge using the main Stargate: Atlantis team (John, Rodney, Teyla & Ronon). My prompt was Steampunk.

As usual, many references used. All the characters are referenced. I looked at vintage photos for ideas of the poses and some of the costumes. Notably Rodney's pose and clothes are referenced from a vintage photo of H Rider Haggard. This is a homage, since I read and loved his books as a kid, and he is partly responsible for my love for the concept of Steampunk.
The Zeppelin is based on vintage photos of the Graf Zeppelin. [link]
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This is such a great piece of work. I stumbled on it on google a few months away when I was looking for something - and I'm glad I've found the original copy now! It's such an awesome concept.
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Thanks very much! It was one of the prompts for a Team themed challenge, and I thought it was an awesome idea and had to try to paint something for it.
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Well you did a great job, and I think it says something that I saw it about a year ago and it's been stuck in memory since!
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this would be an awesome AU
the poses are so great and I love how all of them are still in character.
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Thanks! I love AUs, and I couldn't resist trying to paint this concept. Half the fun was trying to decide who each of them would be in a Steampunk AU :)
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You've translated their personalities perfectly.  Well done. 
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Thank you! It was a fun concept to do.
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Oh now this is just the most coolest thing I've seen for this fandom! Absolutely stunning! :)
Leyna-art's avatar
Thank you! It was such a fun concept to paint :)
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Wow! It's awesome!
Leyna-art's avatar
Thank you! I really love the idea of this AU :)
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Absolutely fabulous, thank you!
Moogiesgirl77's avatar
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I think he would be a great steampunk style inventer :D
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Good idea, nice composition and perfect stylization.
I dont like how looks Teyla, but John, Ronon and Meredit looks really good.
Anyway, this is best Atlantis steampunk picture i ever seen!

(Nice tablet pc :trollface: )
Leyna-art's avatar
Thank you :) This was a really fun challenge to paint.
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Absolutely Fantastic!!!
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