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SGA Regency AU

By Leyna-art
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How shocking - another Historical AU painting! This is the last of my recent trilogy of Stargate Atlantis Alternate Universe paintings. All are based on other people's prompts from Challenge communities, but all also represent genres I enjoy (Steampunk, Detective Noir & Regency).

For the Paintedspires Challenge. The Prompt was "Regency AU, a rendezvous on a balcony"
Influenced by the works of Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen & Bernard Cornwell, my original intent was - Rodney & John escape the Drawing Room, to have a friendly conversation on the balcony. While I was painting, both their expressions turned more serious. My friend ~talietha suggests that Rodney is discussing Byron's The Corsair, while I think John (the one in the uniform) is newly returned from the Peninsular War - and (to use modern terminology) is still somewhat shellshocked. I tried to suggest a little of John's isolation in the painting.

If the costumes are familiar, I based many on the 1995 Pride & Prejudice, and John's is from the ITV Sharpe series. All the background characters are also from Stargate Atlantis (some more succesful in likeness, than others!).
As always, many references from SGA used, though I'm rather pleased that I also drew various limbs unreferenced (those would be the wonky looking ones).
Wacom Tablet & Painter X.
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beautiful work!
Leyna-art's avatar
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This is brilliant :-)
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I love this! Is this aviable as a print? Or somewhat possible to buy a digital copy? Would love to habe this on my wall!
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Haha, I thought those two faces looked familiar! Taking Rodney and John and placing them in a world like this was very creative of you. Really well done depiction. :)
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shut up I have some lemon chicken if u dont
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very sweeeeet
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So gorgeous!  I love all the many details in the background as well as the bits on John's uniform. and I think I could sink my fingers into Rodney's cravat. :D  I also love how deliberately stylish their hair is. I guess gentlemen took more time with such things than space dorks.
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Thank you!

I imagine Regency!Rodney has a harried (but steel-willed) valet who has to drag him away from his experiments to get him properly dressed, and everyone thinks John must take ages to achieve his stylishly disheveled hair, but it is just naturally like that :)
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hee!  I can just see Regency!Rodney's valet cursing under his breath as he tries to get the chemical stains off Rodney's fingers.  And John's, the mud stains out of his breeches from all that breakneck horse-riding.  :D

really, this is one of my favorite pieces of SGA art ever.  thank you for sharing it with us!
some more successful in likeness, than others!

I would say all are very good likenesses of the actors from SGA. They are wonderful hon.
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Thanks very much! I'm glad you like them. I had such a lot of fun painting this - despite my minor grumblings about likenesses.
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They are sooo adorable) All of them.
Special thanks for Dr. Zelenka and Dr. Becket)
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Thanks! I enjoyed the chance to include them all, and had fun with thinking about what kind of discussion or argument was going on. :)
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Wow. This is gorgeous. And Rodney and John really do look like themselves.
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Thank you! I had lots of practice painting John and Rodney and sometimes the portraits really worked out well.
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Love love love this! I can just imagine Rodney McKay as Mr. Darcy and Jennifer Keller as Elizabeth Bennett. There should be more things like this in the world! :) Love you work!
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Thank you! Jennifer would be fun as Elizabeth, and Rodney has the arrogance for Darcy. I do like the thought of him dressed in regency clothes, in any case :)
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I like the "John Sharpe" impression a lot. Very well done. :)
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Thanks very much! I like Sharpe and I thought his uniform would suit John, too :)
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I agree. Sharpe and John are both awesome. :)
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