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Desert Bride

By Leyna-art
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Sheer silliness :)

Stargate Atlantis fanart - Rodney McKay (looking annoyed in the backgound at having to come to the rescue) and John Sheppard (in front, wondering why this sort of thing always happens to him)

For an end of year challenge using the title of a Harlequin Romance as a starting point . My prompt was "The Desert Bride of Al Zayed" This, of course, is the wacky Pegasus galaxy hijinks version of the prompt.

From an artist merit perspective (er - what artistic merit?) - this was a chance to go wild with colour, to actually paint an entire scene that (hopefully) conveys a story, a chance to do a less realistic style.

Reference used for the faces and then many different reference photos looked at for ideas on all the other elements (eg the design of the moroccan lights).

John was a challenge to draw, since I didn't have a body reference for him (shirtless and in that pose). Beta (particularly of John) by Ileliberte and Talietha.

Wacom Tablet and Painter X
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Moogiesgirl77's avatar
Well, I think this has plenty of merit :D. Fabulous, thank you!
Leyna-art's avatar
:D It was a fun concept and I loved playing around with the colours!
Moogiesgirl77's avatar
And you did a fabulous job!
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Moogiesgirl77's avatar
You're quite welcome!
Torri012's avatar
Love this. He has this frustrated why me look on his face and is so very cute
Leyna-art's avatar
Thank you! I was pretty amused by his expression while I was painting . Poor John :D
hamilton1207's avatar
You did a great job. He looks like he is part of a harem. The question is, whose harem?
nipponfan's avatar
omg hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa xDDD
i would love to see that come to life some day!
Leyna-art's avatar
:D :D The thought of it amused me so much while I was painting this. Poor John :D
nipponfan's avatar
TheNeenster's avatar
I love it! :love: This would have made a fun episode! :D
Leyna-art's avatar
goddessOFtheSUN's avatar
In all your pictures, Rodney is always making a :| face in the background. I find it hilarious. :XD:
I love all the colors you chose.
Leyna-art's avatar
True - then there are a couple where Rodney is in full oblivious ranty mode and waving his hands around right in front :). At least I'm consistent?

:D Thank you - I had fun with the colours in this one
harley-quinn2joker's avatar
eeek! sheer awesomeness!!!!!!

*happy fangirly glomp of doom*
Leyna-art's avatar
Heeee! It was such a silly idea, I couldn't resist :)
kilala1010's avatar
hahaha this is just awesome!
Leyna-art's avatar
Bright-Circle's avatar
McKay actually looks like for an instant, he's actually thinking about something unrelated to Sheppard's current predicament--like an anomalous energy reading.
Leyna-art's avatar
I like to think he's mid-gripe about all the things he went through to reach Sheppard but that WOULD be just like McKay to get distracted despite the situation :)
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